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Hello all... I'm new to the EGO line.  Making the jump from Black and Decker cordless tools.  I like the power that EGO offers.  I just bought the 56volt 2.5Ah 15" string trimmer.  LOVE the power and variable control.  However, I'm "new" to the 'bump' string line.  I've become VERY spoiled by the Black and Decker self feeding line.  After using the trimmer for the first time, I did have to bump out the line a few times.  Especially while edging along my sidewalk.  I suppose it's going to take some getting used to, but in everyone's experiences, what's the best and strongest type of line out there?  Does anyone think EGO will eventually put out a self feeding option like Black and Decker?  I plan on buying the blower and hedge trimmer too... but I heard a rumor that EGO gives away a free battery at the Home Depot around Memorial Day.   Does anyone know if they'll be running the same promo this year?  If so, I'll probably hold off on the other tools until that time to get the extra batteries.  Any information anyone could provide would be appreciated!  
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I don't recall a free battery promo from last Memorial Day, but could have just missed it. That would be a nice one given the price of a standalone Ego battery.
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I've found the string Ego uses to be brittle. I had good luck with Echo string, but even better luck with Husqvarna Titanium Force line. That stuff will take a beating, even against concrete, and it's about $13 for a 250-foot spool at Lowe's.

As far as promotions go, you never know what Ego and/or Home Depot will do ahead of time. But Memorial Day is always a good time to look for tool promotions.
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Until recently, most of my cordless tools have been Black and Decker (20V line). I agree the self-feeding line is a very nice feature in the B&D trimmers. With my EGO trimmer being delivered today, I haven't had to "bump" since I used a gas string trimmer and self-feeding is likely something I'm going to miss when using the EGO. I suppose every replaced tool comes with good and bad trade-offs.

I've never seen a promotion by HD giving away free batteries (at least routinely with the EGO line). However, there will likely be other deals that will be "a good deal". I'm a daily reader of HD's Home Depot page: Also EGO's reps and community are pretty good in posting in this forum where the deals are when they're made available.

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Thanks for all of the comments, folks!  I'm suspecting using a stronger type string will help cut down on having to 'bump' too much.  I appreciate the recommendation, Ken, on the string.  I was doing some research and two brands kept coming up... Husqvarna Titanium and a couple of the Oregon brands.  I'll probably give the Husqvarna a go... the key words in your comments were "take a beating, even against concrete".  When bumping, is it okay to slam that baby on any type of surface to get the string to come out?  I'm guessing I'll eventually have to replace the head due to the wear-and-tear, which is fine if it's just once per season or so.  As for that promo at HD I mentioned, here's one of the previous year's adds I saw:

Might be worth keeping an eye on for this year!!!!
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You don't have to slam too hard for it to work. Just have the head spinning reasonably fast since centrifugal force is part of what makes it work.

I've fed the line by bumping on concrete as well as grass. Both work fine. You're essentially hitting a giant button on the end of the trimmer.
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When bumping on grass be very careful to have the head level, lest you take a nice crescent shaped divot out of your lawn! Also, if you cut your grass longer than the distance between the bottom of the head and the line you’ll likely do some unwanted trimming anyway.

I’ve bump fed my trimmers successfully on many things, even the side of the deck. As Ken said, keeping the speed up is key for successful bump feeding. You don’t have to hit it very hard, just firm enough to depress the head.
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Thank you. I guess i need to practice more :)