New Lower Price on the 12" String Trimmer Kit!

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Spring clean-up? 

Now is a really good time to add the EGO 12-inch Power+ String Trimmer to your arsenal. The New Lower Price at The Home Depot makes it easier on your wallet, too!
EGO Power+ String Trimmer, 56V Battery and Charger: now just $179.

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Posted 5 years ago

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Just purchased this combo deal. Excited to find out how well it works. If it is anywhere near the power of the leaf blower I will be more than happy.
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QS, keep us posted on your findings.  We love getting feedback!
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It appears this person had no follow-up so I would like to give you my feedback, I too purchased this on sale at HD about 3-4 months ago.

 Box says ST1201, Weed Trimmer says ST1200. 56 volt. The first time I laughed when it died less than 15 minutes, a 10x10 space.  I have charged and used it about 10 times now and always the same result. I have 20 acres to weed wack, after having used Ryobi 18v trimmer first, I was so excited when I saw "56 volt!"

 I PRESUME the battery is defective since the Ryobi 18volt goes and goes and goes, I would say 4 times what the EGO 56volt is doing...which is pretty funny considering the power difference. 

    When I did decide to purchase HD had 3 boxes, none seemed to have a factory seal on the box, the clerk told me the company, EGO, doesn't have that.  When I opened the box all seemed original except I did note the battery bag did not seem to be sealed like a manufacturer would have, there was no tape, just a clear bag over the battery, open ended.  I have provided EGO the serial numbers, perhaps someone switched them out at store level, I don't know, but if they had a factory seal or reps checking their products, an HD should not have their shelf full of only 3 boxes and ALL not sealed.  I am assuming it's defective, no one would sell a weed trimmer touting an amazing 56v of power "like a gas motor"( the box says), that can't compare to it's competitions 18 volt.

 When it comes to "what am I cutting", it only takes a few tries to figure out when the EGO feels over taxed!  It whines down to about 10% power (thus too slow to cut much more then a blade of grass for about 30 seconds) and then WHINES up to full's very annoying, a little dangerous, so you learn to be gentle and not overtax it.  The string that came in the box was a joke!  I can take it in my hands and break it, this was an immediate sign the manufacturer (EGO) had little faith in its trimmers abilities!  I quickly went to the Manual to see it's string recommendations... maximum .08 ?  Wow they really covered their buns with that.  Who wants a 56volt full sized weed trimmer with a string that can only cut grass blades, a 54 yr old woman can break the string it came with in her bare hands?  I have been using .09 in the 18 volt Ryobi for 100's of HOURS and zero problems.   I put that in the EGO and it did that whining down and I smelt burning from the trimming head!  That has NEVER happened with the Ryobi 18 volt, if it can’t cut the weed the Ryobi keeps running undaunted, the weed just doesn’t cut.  On a rare occasion if the Ryobi gets hung up on something vicious (like a wire or evil vine weed) extremely rarely, it stops... I clear the problem and proceed with no damages, the EGO smelt like it was melting it’s parts in the head and that was just because it was over taxed, not even a crisis entanglement!  I stopped immediately and I am super careful not to over work the EGO as clearly the design is different than the Ryobi and the EGO will BURN-UP itself instead of how the Ryobi handles stress.  This happened after the problem of 15 minutes, so do not go there, the 10-15 min battery life on the EGO was straight out of the box and with the string provided.  I went back to the smaller string and it works exactly as it did the first time I used it.

   On the 2nd use (30 minutes running) the silver pieces for stringing the string through, fell out and just lucky I found them and must always be careful not to loose them when changing string.  I would guess these are lost by many people and perhaps throw some extras into the box for when it happens to new users who are not expecting this.

 Also, when I played with this in the store, one of the things I was also happy with was that there was a button to release the battery making it easy to remove.  I have some DeWalt cordless tools that I can barely manage to get the batteries out and hurt my joints, I have to use 2 hands and 2 legs to change DeWalt batteries.  Sadly this EGO release lever broke on about the 5th cycle so now I'm fighting with this thing in some pretty strange maneuvering straddling this long tool  trying to get the battery on and off.  It’s easiest if sitting on the ground using legs on handle for leverage...not a desirable method especially since my property is visible to the world...and keep in mind we’re talking all that for each 10-15 minutes of run time.  With the lever not working putting the battery back on means pressing very hard downward on the head portion, on the ground and I am worrying that is not good for it.  The other option is the straddling with a leg below the handle to allow for pushing it on without jamming the head into the ground.  I hope you’re getting the comical visual my neighbors are...and anyone driving down the 23 hwy when I’m doing it!

 Another issue, the Ryobi design cuts right down to nearly the dirt for a very clean result and offers a nice flat bottom you can be a bit lazy at times and let it ride on surface thus resting your arms, the EGO design does not cut low (probably because the lower area is tougher and it over taxes it, lol).  In order to cut low requires tilting it thus you can't let it ride on the bottom, you must constantly have it raised, suspended, and it did not come with a strap though the EGO handle nicely accommodates this angled grip.

 Ego is touting being a "gas like trimmer", lots of guts, but the trimmer I have, defective or not, is just not what it is presented to be.  Why does the little Ryobi 18 volt out perform it?  It's like putting a Porsche engine in a VW bug.  I had a Stihl for 15 years and it only died when the wrong gas was accidentally put in it.

 The manual mentions not to have the battery in moisture, so I keep it INSIDE my truck, not in the back like all OTHER gardening tools, I keep the charger inside as suggested though not convenient for a gardening tool, BUT I just read the manual and noticed it mentioned not exceeding 106 degrees!  Excuse me?  Not only am I putting a dirty weed trimmer "inside" my car to baby the battery, and I throw a towel or my jacket over the battery to help keep it out of the sun coming through the windows....but if its 100 degrees outside or even 90, the inside of the truck, any vehicle near the equator, the temp is going to be way over 106 degrees.  I guess China is a really cold place.  So I suppose to get a cooler to keep the battery in, freeze the blueice every night too?  Oh no, that wont work, now that would violate the moisture caveat.

  Is this a Stradivarius or a weed wacker?  Cant help but feel the "string that breaks in your hands, not to exceed .08", the "no moisture", "keep inside", "Max 106 degrees" are all preplanned warranty violations.

 In all fairness, I must say I LOVE several features of the EGO which is why I am hoping the battery is just defective and EGO kindly sends me a new one since I'm sure not going to spend nearly $100 to find out this is just how it works.

 The weight and balance, ergonomics, are exceptional and that's coming from a 110 lb old lady!  I have a lot of wrist, thumb joint and upper back issues with the Ryobi, nearly no joint issues with the EGO and it has a great reach, ideal reach, though the endless suspension with no strap constantly taxes your outer shoulder.

 The sound of the trimmer head is AMAZING, like driving a Rolls.  Too bad it's more like a Tonka toy, nothing under the hood.

 When...WHEN working at full Power... it's SPEED (coupled with squared string), allows it to cut threw tougher items than the Ryobi 18 volt.  It can NOT cut down large Mustard Weed stalks, as the Stihl can, but medium stalks, less than 1/2", it can at a time so you have to be very careful when approaching tough weeds.  Honestly, on occasion it is at FULL speed, it works beautifully, just need the speed all the time and at least 25 min of run time, this 10-15 min maximum battery is just not usable. At nearly $100 I would have to have a lot more confidence in the overall machine to invest in buying extra batteries.  The Ryobi have purchased extra batteries because it's already lasted 100's of hours and I'm totally confident that it will have a long life and if it dies I would buy another and use the extra batteries on the new one.  I currently have no confidence in the EGO product.

 Please keep in mind that my negative experience, I believe, hope, is due to a defective battery.  I have not written my review to Home Depot yet, or Amazon etc comparing to Ryobi, waiting to see how this goes.

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So right out of the box it seemed defective, yet you didn't return it to the store for immediate replacement? I don't understand that. And you're surprised you can't leave a battery and battery charger out in the rain?

In addition to having either a defective trimmer or defective battery, it sounds to me like you want or need a heavier duty trimmer. You probably would be better off with the 15-inch trimmer with heavier string and brushless motor.
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Hey Jennifer, is this a permanent price drop or a short term sale?  If it's a permanent price drop will we see a similar drop in Canada?  As of right now the 12" trimmer is still priced the same as the blower and hedge trimmer kits at $229.00.
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Hi Blue Angel, the price drop isn't permanent yet.  The price in Canada at $229 is the every day low price.  We aren't likely to see a change in their retail price due to the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the Canadian dollar.
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Thanks for the clarification. The exchange rate is a bummer, but nothing we can do about it. :)
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Quiet you Canuck :).

It will actually be good for your economy.  A weaker Canadian Dollar will cause increased sales from out of country.  I know I often shop Canada when the exchange rate benefits my wallet.

I have to admit, the Dollar, until recently was a bummer!  Everything imported cost too much. 

Jennifer, thanks for always being involved and helpful

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Economy this, economy that... what about ME? :)

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