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I love to see EGO develop a new Cylinder lawn mower with a "built-in" Striping tool (like this YouTube video).  For those who aspires to have a good looking lawn like the Major League Baseball field, this mower could be an awesome addition to their existing line of OPEs ... : )
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Posted 3 years ago

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My wintet project. But 3 of them together. I love cut a reel mower does. Plus less power to run. One down side is you have to mow more often.
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More often, sure, but even cutting twice as often, if you're mowing four times as wide you're doing half the work! That's good math! :-)
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Plus its very good for your grass. Or weeds in my case
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Jacob, I absolutely love what you did. I also have a fiskars push mower and love that it’s adjustable all the way up to 4”. I use it on our st Augustine and zoysia. I had the self propelled ego mower which is terrific. You did exactly what I envisioned. I wish ego would come out with a similar system to the allett mower battery line. The ego battery is so powerful it would make for an awesome system. Would you mind sharing more pictures and info on your build?
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Yes they are the same thing, "reel" or "cylinder" are both used to describe this type of mower. Its best at cutting manicured lawns (like baseball fields or golf course greens). It has trouble with any blades of grass over 4-6 inches since they will not fit in the cutting chamber. These blades are just bent over and not able to be cut.

With that said, if you have a low cut lawn, these mowers are the absolute best to get a perfect cut. The modern versions of these reel mowers have come a long way in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. The Fiskars version is excellent and some folks on YouTube have actually hacked them and made them powered.

Jacob Corder has built a few prototypes he's actively using, built with EGO powered fiskars reel mowers to cut a very large lot - incredibly well:

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Get a ego 20"mower motor off of eBay.
Get 2 pulleys,
one 4"od x 15mm bore . Goes on reel drum
one 2" od x 16mm bore. Goes in motor

Make mounting bracket for motor.
I used unistrut and screw type hose clamps.

Get cheap 60v motor controller on ebay
Get an ego battery bay on ebay.

Done in under 100 bucks.
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Ego batteries are not under $100, but thanks for the parts list.
I may attempt this in the winter.  I live in Phoenix (very hot) and my 56V 20" mower is always overloading and shuts off.  I don't know if it's the battery or motor that gets too hot.  I think motor overheats because when I put in a newly charged battery from the cool house, sometimes it still doesn't run.  I am thinking a reel type lawn mower wouldn't have this problem?
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Yeah I know. I never mentioned a battery in my part list. I assume you have one
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Doug. Sharpen your blade to a razor tip.
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Also. Reel type mowers are by far more efficient. Also I never put in a current limiting controller in mine.

So only build at your own risk
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yes! a thousand times yes!