New Crop of Pretenders....Verdict...Stay with Ego!

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Other companies are trying......that is the good news. The bad....overall they are a long way behind Ego.

24" brushless hedge trimmer. ....others are close. If Ego brought over their UK version others would not be so close.

15" trimmer. ...others are close with one maybe it's equal or maybe even better. But there is a catch...later.

530,575 and 580 cfm blowers....maybe one is close...others are way behind. No handheld gas blower is comparable to Egos top end models.

Chainsaws.....others are close and maybe it's equal but Ego gives you no reason to not buy it once you have their batteries.

Egos power head trimmer/combo unit is simply the best piece of handheld battery equipment available right now. Nothing else is even close. With the guard off and a little extra stick out this thing just eats. The edger has plenty of power as does the chainsaw head. The hedge trimmer has nice blades and the new tiller head appears to be a winner. When equipped with a brush blade BlackBerry vines just disappear. Stihl has a new model out that uses their kombi system but it has cord to battery only and not in the same power class.

Combine the power head trimmer guard off with the backpack link with 7.5 and you have a nice light powerful l trimmer that can really dominate a property.

Ego still easily has the best battery system.....from bottom to top. The battery pushes many choices over to is that much better.

I am sorry to read about people's problems with various Ego products. I have such a high volume of use with handheld lawn equipment I expect and can usually accept breakdowns. Ego has pleasantly surprised me with their durability. I have had a few battery problems and was just recently able to abuse one of their handhelds to death....up in smoke. Fortunately I have three backups :).

After hundreds and hundreds of hours using Ego handheld equipment I will never go back to gas.

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Hi BFC - I take it you aren't counting the EGO Commercial products?

I have no use for that kind of equipment, plus too expensive for me - but totally cool.

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We'll see what Toro does now that they're getting into it. I have EGO but interested to see Toros 60v snow blower.
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Nice testimony from a frequent user; that carries more credibility than someone complaining.
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Actually I was comparing their commercial line.

Power wise Ego consumer line stacks up really well against their commercial line.

Ego does not offer a combo system in their commercial line up.

Plus the giant killer is cord to battery only. Not awesome.

If they had battery attached plus cord I would have already ordered all of their commercial offerings.

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"Plus the giant killer is cord to battery only. Not awesome." - yup, no kidding. Cost is one thing but I wouldn't like the lack of mobility in tight spaces when using a hedge trimmer while tethered to a backpack. Options would have been nice. 
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Bingo. I can really imagine a fight to the death on a ladder with cord wrapped around you...again Not Awesome!
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I’m in the market for a new lawn mower so I was at Lowes last weekend and saw the second Generation Kobalt 80V equipment and I must say, it looks much better than their 1st gen stuff.

The mower looks very similar to Craftsman 60V. I would assume it’s made by the same manufacturer.

Here are my first impressions just looking at floor models:

Build quality: Except for the controls, the build quality seems on par if not better than my Ego 20” mower. Brushless motor and steel deck.

The blade: design looks very similar to my old gas mower and therefore I think cut quality should be better than Ego.

Warranty: having been through the Homeless depot / Ego warranty - repair fiasco a couple of times (my Ego Mower is still at the “thinkering shop” after 4 weeks, but that’s a tale for a different story) after almost 5 years of ownership; warranty repair process is very import to me. Lowes equipment rep states “you just bring her down and we’ll give you a new one during the 5 year warranty period”. I don’t have a way to confirm this but reading reviews of previous Kobalt mowers it seems that people were successful on exchanging equipment at the store during the warranty period.

Battery: we all know that Ego’s battery design is superior however not bullet proof (2 of my batteries have gone bad right after the 3 year mark). Kobalt is offering the same 3 year.  Their self-propelled model comes with a 6 amp battery plus Lowes is “throwing”   an extra 2.5 Ah battery. Only time will tell how theses batteries hold up but I know Kobalt / Greenworks 80v batteries are popular on some electric power hobbies (people are building ebikes, eParachutes, etc.) so they might be good enough.

Cons: so far height adjustment it only goes up to 3 3/4 inches. I have TTTF and would like to cut at 4” during summer and this is one of the problems I have with my current Ego20” it only cuts at around the 3” mark, even though the manual says it should cut at 3 1⁄2”

Overall this Kobalt 80V 2nd Gen seems like a good contender if you don’t need to cut higher than 3 1⁄2 .


I do like my other Ego equipment (not trying to bash Ego) and if Ego had a mower with great cut quality I would buy it in a heart bit, however after buying my Ego mower I started enjoying the “mow” and then taking care of my lawn, now my lawn is at the point that it needs a mower with excellent cut and unfortunately it seems like only  some gas models can achieve that. I don’t want to go back to the dark side, I’m still on the fence on which way to go...