My first cut on water saturated, tall and thick grass.

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Hello fellow EGO'ers,

I like to cut my grass in nice designs, sometimes a diamond, sometimes a spiral, I just like the lines.

It's been raining for a week straight here in upstate, SC and my Centipede/Burmuda lawn was over 5" tall and thick as carpet.  I decided to see how well this lawn mower would perform against my Honda.

I started with my Honda, my god I forgot how heavy that thing is.  Even though it is self-propelled, it is VERY heavy and difficult to turn and annoyingly hard to pull backwards.  On to the cut.  As I figured, no problem cutting through the grass, but I had clumps of grass with each line.  The clumps were made up of well mulched grass and the consistency about that of clumped up wet newspaper.  I could make a ball of grass it was so damp. 

Slapped the battery in my EGO and off I went for the second half of the lawn.  Guess what, not a single clump of grass. In fact, as I made my turns in the driveway the grass was finely cut and relatively dry.  My question was, where was all of the grass going? 

After finishing the job, I flipped both mowers on their side and had my answer.  The Honda had a few areas of grass clumped on the bottom, but nothing like the EGO.  I'm rather perplexed and amazed that while the grass built up to a coating of over 1" thick, the EGO didn't drop the clumps.  I simply put on my gloves and cleaned it out. 

This has me thinking about 2 things.  Blade design and aero lift. 

The Honda has tremendous power and lift, I cannot leave a hose in the yard, nor can I run over any rocks, it will pull them up and dull the blade.  With my EGO, I get just as good of a cut, but it only pulls up the grass.  I can run over my hose and low laying rocks without that dreaded "clunk". 

Both blades took a beating this time (talking about sharpness).  I've learned that grass that is saturated is like paper, it will dull a blade fast!  The EGO blade got quite dull, while the thicker steel Honda blade fared better.  But, the Honda blade had many nicks in the sharpened edge where it lifted up object that had no business up in the cutting area.  The EGO blade while dull, was smooth and no nicks.

Summary:  I'm extremely happy with the choice to raid my rainy day fund and invest in the EGO Ecosystem of lawn tools.  I appreciate quality and consistency.  Kind of like the iPad and Apple.  While I prefer Windows, you have to admit, Apple knows how to build an ecosystem for their devices, and they don't crash  :).

My advice to EGO is that if you have the finances to do it, take your pair of aces you are holding in your hand and go all in.  2 more tools and you can vest people into your "ecosystem" of lawn tools and keep them there.  The 4 wheel blade edger and a pressure washer that can put out the same PSI and GPM as a gas one.  I can't think of anything else.  I work very hard and buying into the "battery" craze had me a bit scared and skeptical.  Thank you for not ruining this experience for me.  Remember, Keep your designs simple, built with quality and durable. 

To everyone else, your best friend is a sharp blade.  Invest in a bench grinder, they are cheap.  You can sharpen your blade in a few minutes to the same sharpness as a razor blade.

Best wishes

David (SC Yard Man)

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I completly agree with your comments. I also have had a lot of experience with sharpenin the blades. Razor sharp is what i go for. When the blade is super sharp, i can mulch through 16" tall country grass with ease. I know its getting dull because it starts to overload. Then off to sharpen it. I use a fine grit flapper wheel in my angle grinder, it gets it really sharp. I have to sharpen every time i mow. I also mow 1.5 or so acres of grass.