My mower sucks and I'm happy about that.

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There's enough new threads about "When do we get the high lift blade???" and I even started a couple and got at least one of them closed by b*tching too much about it and the lack thereof.

So for something completely different.  Thanks to a helpful soul here who pointed out Amazon had some - I got mine!  Then it rained for 4 days and I couldn't use it.

So today I mowed my front lawn with the usual "mulching" blade and plug, and it was slightly damp, and left trails everywhere.  Not a good look, no suction at all, with trails where the wheels pushed the (uncut) damp grass flat.  (height set on 2 by the way)

So I cleaned the mower, sprayed the underside with that liquid film stuff from Lowes, and put on my High Lift baby.  And moved to the backyard.

I left the mulch plug in, (yeah yeah yeah I know, and MEH to that, this is the way I roll, bag, schmag, I'm mulching)  And mowed away, with about 200 magnolia leaves on the ground and a couple dozen of those cone looking things they drop.  This tree has been the bane of my luxury problem life.  Before we started butchering (read as, pruning) it, it would drop 150 leaves a day, all year around onto the lawn.  I even had a leaf vacuum once (that was a POS)  And my kid and I made bamboo poles with spikes in the end to go pick up leaves one by one.

Before with the regular blade, I had to go over the lawn with a rake and any leaf even sitting sideways between the blades of grass had to be brought out of the grass and on the very tips of the to-be-mown grass.  Not today, I did none of that to see what this thing will do.

Well guess what?  Drum roll.....

Dudes (y dudettes) - I GOT LIFT!  Lift, real LIFT, and SUCTION. 

My back lawn, mulched with the high lift blade, looks WAY WAY WAY better than my front lawn.

Even the pine cone things went "munch" and turned to dust (Always had to pick them up before)

No trails, the sucker sucked sh*t up and MUNCHED it.  I got into the bark dust a bit once and it pulled a bunch of that up as well and chewed on it.  Then I ran thru a pile of bamboo leaves and it sent teeny pieces flying everywhere.

So, in the groove, I went back to the front lawn and ran back over the trails and the wheel smershed down damp grass, well if sucked/lifted that chit up and chopped it to smithereens as well.  It even sucked up the grass off the sidewalk and pulverized it.

Yup, da HL blade is a real thang, and it took away my only complaint with my mowa.....

My mower sucks, and it's a good thing.
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Posted 3 years ago

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That is awesome to hear, thanks for sharing!!!!
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Any idea on battery performance differences?
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Can't really answer that because I always have enough (with a fresh battery the 7.5 one) to do both front and back.  I just went to the garage and popped it on the charger and it's down to 25%

My lawns aren't that big.  Actually, small enough that I don't mind when I have to go over it twice.  So today I did front back then front again and it ate 75% it looks like.

It was *slightly* louder, but no big deal at all.

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What depth setting did you use, and about how much length did you take off the grass?
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I was on 2. And my grass was about 4 inches, so I cur quite a bit. It was fertilized about 10 days ago and rained too much for about 10 days to cut as often as usual (usually twice a week or so) I cut way more than 1/3 I've read recommended.
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Great, it good to hear success stories.  The blade sound like a winner.  
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Good to hear, bloomz! Hopefully this blade works as well for everyone!
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Great news and great review. My HL blades are on the way from Amazon too.
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Thanks for taking the time to share, bloomz! We’re beyond happy to hear that your mower sucks. ;-)
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I'm undecided on buying a 21SP due to many complaining about it's poor mulching performance. This use of high lift blade is encouraging. Has anyone else tried this with success?


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There's at least as many of us that think it mulches ok with the regular blade, but for me with the new blade it does ever better.

Search around, you find the loudest ones are the few that hate it.

It mulched ok for me.  It just didn't have suction, now it does

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So Today I had too many magnonia leaves, hundreds and hundreds of them , due to neglect, (been on different project for a month, my Koi pond) so I finally bagged.

It performed phenomenally. Even sucked leaves in from the sides.

High Lift made this the mower it should be.
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Just to bump this - anyone struggling with lift or suction from this mower needs to see how it changed my world.
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Sure would be interesting to build an optically clear mower deck then mount 2 or 3 Hero cameras cantilevered off at about 30 degrees with respect to the horizontal and do some high speed photography to compare both blades. Imbed some LEDs in there for good lighting and fast exposures. To achieve a clear deck perhaps the molder could do it if he found a resin that worked in his tool. If so, shoot a couple dozen in clear so the folks in the lab coats could have an experimental field day.  Maybe send some out into the field and do a lunch and learn. Make mine a veal brat. Or, a very large, very expensive (or segmented) SLA (stereo lithography). Since real grass is going to lather the inside of the deck with "pesto" and thus render viewing useless in a hurry, perhaps we could try some dried grass or fibers or some kind of synthetic. 3-4" tall with bright colors, even multiple colors. Maybe paper "leaves". This may sound crazy to some but every day I'm seeing hundreds of posts here in EGO POWER+World from aficionados who have a love and a passion for all that is going on in ELECTRO-LANDSCAPING that such an exercise may not be so far-fetched. Then maybe we could all stop guessing about the efficacy of the high lift blade. I put it on at the first sign of autumn leaves last fall and I expect to keep it on as the default blade. Sure would like it if the cutting area of the blade was induction hardened but won't get into all the tech and possible risks there. Happy mowing y'all.
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I'm wid ya!
I really don't know why they don't record high lift blade on as it standard.
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I generally use the High Lift blade for bagging and the original blade for mulching. Last week I used the high lift bade for mulching and was pleasantly pleased with the results. This week I went with the 'regular" to mulch and still haven't decided which I like better. Like you, I think think the high lift blade does actually better in mulching but the regular blade seems to be more efficient (better battery life) and delivers a more even cut. I just wish the regular blade didn't lay the thicker layer of longer cut grass than the high blade.

In the end, I think it's all about keeping the blades sharpen...whether you're using the regular blade or high-lift. And just like changing/alternating the direction you mow for a healthier lawn perhaps switching back and forth every few weeks between the regular and HL blade isn't a bad idea either.  
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My only complaint with the mower was that the blade was unable to suck up the grass flattened by the wheels. The high lift blade cured that. But the battery life is definitely reduced by turning the high lift blade. I’m guessing I’ve lost about 25% of mowing time. No big deal. I just have to swap in a 2.5 to finish the job. It’s well worth the 1 minute battery swap.
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I will say so far I love my EGO mower. I’ve had had it for 2 months, it is convenient, easy to use, easy to store, cuts great except a few stragglers ( I might not be super particular as some I guess) and very low maintenance with exception of sharpening the blade more often. Only thing I worry about is how long it will last and if it messes up dealing with those issues. But I love it better than any gas pull to start mower any day. I’m interested in the high blade to see if it takes care of those stragglers.
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It's a cheap upgrade for ~$20 - try it!  Amazon has them