My first quick experience with the EGO - LM2022SP Steel Deck, Self Propelled (ongoing review)

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First experience with my new LM2022SP:

Mulching: So far, it's not much of a mulcher. I am not cutting it excessively short, nor have long grass, just trimming some off the top...however there is little evidence that it is processing grass in a typical mulching fashion. Now, please know, I had a feeling this might be the case coming into it...however I held hope this might perform like the other EGO steel deck that seemed to do well in this area. I will continue to experiment and as I gain more experience with it, I will continue to update this thread regarding mulch performance. Of the clippings that are visible, they are evenly distributed across the cutting width and don't appear to clump up. (Conditions fairly dry, grass healthy green however) 

Power: So used to measuring power in dB...I find this mower alarmingly quiet. It doesn't have that kinetic quality that other lawnmowers sometimes have. Everything happens so quietly, you can't help but wonder what the big deal is. On my first run out, not once did the motor RPM vary...which was unexpected. It appears to have buckets of power...but I'll need to test it far more before I can come to any final conclusions

Steel Deck: Quite frankly, I love the looks of this unit. More traditional, less like a Federation Starship. It's an aesthetic I appreciate as it's all rather low key...though very sharp and modern looking. Weight and balance of the unit is excellent in my experience. Just running it with a 5ah while my 7.5ah was charging. It's so light I suddenly realized after a few minutes I was simply pushing this mower effortlessly without assist. Very nice. I attribute this of course to the weight and low rolling resistance, but also to the fact that EGo seems to have realised there are tall people on this planet. This is the best fitting Mower I have used ever. It hits everything just right. I'm 6'4" and this is a BIG deal. because I'm able to push forward in a more relaxed stance, it feels effortless. ergonomics are everything. this makes a huge difference. Pushing more or less straight ahead (vs reaching down and pushing forward) with elbows at a comfortable angle makes this an ideal dance partner. 

Blade: Blade was fairly sharp, not dull like I've seen a few mention. Seems there was a little variability in the sharpening department ;)

Interesting side note: I've seen one other person mention this. This mower is so quiet I can hear the blade thwacking the taller weeds. It's unusual being to hear it in such detail and at such low volume. I to feel I will be able to "hear" when the blade gets dull. 

Other items will be touched on later

Other Ego products I currently have and love are: The Snow Blower and the 575cfm blower 
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Thanks for your perspective on your new Starship Enterprise, glad it was able to accommodate tall people. That said, I would be interested to learn more about it's mulching capability in the near future. Awesome that the mower is so quite, yet powerful - a feature that will be appreciated by most of us. I also own a 575 CFM, and love it as well ... :-)