My EGO experinces: PRO and CONS...

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I purchased the 56v string trimmer (ST1502-S) in June 2016, and the leaf blower (LB5302) a few months later in October.  Both purchases made at Home Depot.  Bought these in order to keep promise to myself to never, ever, buy another yard tool with a 2 cycle engine.  Always hard to start and noisy.

Leaf Blower Pros and Cons:

PRO: Used it over the winter (Minnesota) to clear light snow off the deck.  Works great as long as there was not freezing rain with the snow.  But even if there was, getting the snow off the ice allows the ice to melt more rapidly when temperatures rise.  Our deck was down to bare wood most of the winter.  Able to get out and use the BBQ w/o fear of "slip-sliding away". Also used it a few times to blow snow off autos parked outside.

PRO:  Blowing leaves and other small debris off walkway.  Being cordless makes it musch less of a chore.  So easy in fact, that my wife does this job most of the time.

CON:  Trying to teach wife that she does not need to ALWAYS run the Turbo Boost.  The regular setting does just fine.  Customer service needs to put out a service bulletin to address this problem!

Sting Trimmer Pros and Cons:

PRO:  POWER!!!  Easily handles everything my Stihl trimmer did with the exception of sore muscles and joints trying to start that beast.  And much quieter.  I use it to trim around tree trunks, garden boxes, the shed, etc. etc and probably spend as much time walking from one to another as I do trimming.  Never thought of this before, but there is often a need to set the trimmer down and take care of some task b4 starting to trim.  That's where I really appreciate the fact that it's electric. It's already powered down, and restarting is EASY!  But no more dragging 100 ft extension cords around my 0.4 acre lot because it's cordless.  Did I mention it has plenty of POWER?
CON:  At least I thought it was a CON when I first started using this trimmer.  Went thru the first load of string in 2-3 trimming sessions. Maybe something not set right in the spool, or more likely, maybe due to the operator's ignorance of the fact that this thing will rip up the string in a hurry if you get too close to rocks, concrete, and other untrimmable objects.
PRO:  Reloaded spool last fall and, hate to admit this, but just got around to using the trimmer for the first time this week (late July, 2017).  Reading all the online stories of string/spool/motor/battery problems had me concerned.  No problems!  Tap feature works well, no excessive string wear, no motor problems, batteries work well.  MORAL of the story:  Don't prune (or trim) in May or June!

CON:  Both tools came with 2.5 Ahr and chargers.  I put one of the chargers away, since I was rarely using it.  Now I forgot where I put it.  EGO needs to add a Bluetooth or WiFI locating feature to the charger and then come out with an app for smartphones.  

Sorry for long-windedness, but thought I'd try to balance out some of the negative comments on the EGO community page.  THANKS EGO for making my yard maintenance a bit easier!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Good job.
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Nice review. But your cons are um... Well... Not a tool issue lol. Service bulletin for not having to use the turbo. Also losing a charger. Bluetooth requires a battery to operate also.

Your wife won't listen to a service bulletin lol. Turbo all day buddy..

I'm a fellow Minnesotan also.
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This was a really fun read, Steve. Thank you very much for sharing! :-)
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On the trimmer - my son bought his FIL the blower for fathers-day. He told me how powerful it was and about the high quality of the blower. My gas lawn tools needed an upgrade and this got me going on my 5-EGO tool spree. Plus my son now has 3-EGO tools!

Only problem the FIL was having was low battery life. My son found out he was using turbo all the time. I sort of chuckled because when I first got mine I set mine to about mid throttle and only needed turbo for short bursts, but, the longer I use it the more I'm using the turbo button.

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Thanks for sharing, Steve! All I gotta say is...