Multicolor battery power meter or some kind of power indicator

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I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to suggest this on the forum and I know that Brian from Workshop Addict suggested this, but I have an idea that's... well, somewhat EGO themed.  For full, let the battery button shine green, for 80%, it be green-blue, for 60%, it be blue, for 40% it be blue-red, for 20%, it be red, and we all know what it does when it is out.  Also, instead of a storage mode button that I have suggested in the past, press the power button five times in rapid succession (or hold for five seconds or something that isn't prone to accidents) to make the pack go into storage mode and retain the 30 day auto-storage system for people who do not use the manual storage.  This will eliminate the need for a modification to the battery shells, just one for the circuit boards.

I have suggested the manual storage before, but this is a new iteration of that idea that might e more feasible.
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Or something similar to the small Milwaukee hand tools have four red dots four being full three, two, one
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The Greenworks tools also have that, but the reason I mentioned this is because it is compatible with the battery's current outer shell and it would not require any modifications to it.  I suppose that the button could have 90 degree arcs of green for each quarter of the button's outer ring and have that be the power indicator.  That would allow it to stay green and stay one button.
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I have suggested before that Ego could implement this power meter change without any hardware upgrades by simply using the same tricolor LED in the power button that they currently have:

Green = 70% or more
Orange = 40-70%
Red = 15-40%
Slow blinking Red = Less than 15%
Fast blinking Red = Dead

Just program it to do so.
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I believe blinking orange/yellow suggests that temperature is too high.  The only thing that concerns me here is that people might confuse the orange with too hot instead of 40-70% power even though it is constant orange, not blinking orange, but I think they could get used to it easily enough.  I think I'd actually do it your way.  Besides, EGO really isn't blue.