Multi-head registers battery depletion after just less than a minute of operation

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I own quite a few Ego tools and just purchased the power+ head, trimmer, and pole saw attachments. I needed to cut a dozen or so small branches so I took the power+head and pole saw and three batteries with me. After roughly 30 seconds of operation (3-4 small branches cut) the battery blinked red and would no longer operate. I thought to myself, that's odd, I thought I had charged all three batteries. I swapped out the battery and again, after less than a minute of use, the next battery blinked red. I swapped to the third, same result. Were all three depleted? I swapped back to the first battery and it worked fine, but stopped again after a minute. I continued swapping between the three batteries and got all my branches cut. I did not charge the batteries between swaps, and when I got home, all three batteries showed as almost full when placed in the charger. Weird! It's as if the power+ head was falsely reporting that the batteries were drained when they were not! I also thought that maybe it wasn't a battery issue, perhaps overheating or some other problem; however I was very careful and applied almost no pressure to the pole saw, which cut luck butter through the small cedar branches. I have yet to test the power head with the edger, but I doubt the attachment is sending any sort of signal to the head to stop (or would it)? Has anyone else had this problem? Could I have a defective power+ head? I'll run a few more tests later (weather was almost freezing, which maybe had something to do with it, perhaps causing the battery to report itself as empty even when not?), but would welcome any advice. I bought these in January so yes, they are still under warranty.

1) Yes, the batteries were all topped off before I started
2) No, I did not charge them between swapping
3) I rested the device for 5 minutes between each set of 3-4 cuts, so doubt it overheated
4) Batteries and device did not feel warm to the touch
5) Two of the batteries were the normal sized ones, one was the lawnmower size (5.4?)
6) I did not apply pressure to the saw. Chain was not super tight and was oiled
7) I cycled between the three batteries maybe 8 times
8) Batteries showed nearly full charge when I got home (I doubt the ran more than 3 minutes total between the three)
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Posted 2 years ago

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Bizarre. Do these batteries work fine when used on other tools? How about on the powerhead with other attachments?

If you’ve ruled everything else out and the powerhead is still suspect it’s time to give Ego Customer Service a call. They’ll get you fixed up and back on track.
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That sounds like it it might be a problem with the sensor switch, as if the batteries and powerhead were not making a tight connection? any chance there could be a foreign object or dirt in the powerhead receptacle that was keeping the battery from seating tightly? Just throwing out easy fixes.
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Try the Multi-head without any attachments.  If it runs for a longer time, the difference in load would be good to feedback to Ego, and would be indicative of a problem with the head unit.