EGO Mower Ignition Key Is A Defective Design.

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This is a problem that I'm posting as an idea because it's EASY to fix if you take the time to do so.

So I'm not sure exactly what the thought process was behind the key.  Its placement is stupid, its shape is stupid, and the fact that it's not magnetic or something is stupid.  It's just a loose piece of plastic, and after having used this mower a grand total of two times, I am 99% certain that most people who are having random start/stop issues are running into what I'm running into, and that this key is the root of their problem, they just don't realize it.

So, the problem with the key is that it's not locked into place when you depress the handle!  It's just in there loose, and I have NO idea why they would do this.  Most plots are going to be bumpy either due to soil or aeration or something else where, despite it not being on a grade, it's just not 100% flawlessly flat.  

What I was encountering was, as I would move over the grass and would hit slightly bumpy parts, the handle would move around since it's so darn long, and the key would slightly dislodge itself, causing the mower to just power down.  It was driving me nuts trying to figure out why my 4-day-old mower was just dying with a full battery, until I noticed that reseating the key and depressing the handle started it up again - at least until it stopped again.

Here's a video showing this phenomenon.  Light's on, handle's down, key's down, yet it just stopped running.  Happened at least 3-4 times inexplicably.  You have to completely let off the handle, press the key down again, wait for the light to come on, and start up again.  Same annoying "mower died" behavior as a gas motor, for 3x the cost.

This is an EASY design flaw to fix, EGO.  You'll have a lot less unhappy customers.

The part of the handle that's inside the area where the key goes; just create a small metal piece that "bites" the key neck on four sides, so the key literally cannot be removed if the handle is engaged, and won't move or shimmy with usage of the mower!
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Nicely done MisterMarcus.  I am buying the EGo in the spring, and I hope the engineers address your nicely defined issue.  At least, I'll be aware of the problem, if they don't, and know what to do.

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The key comes out because it is a safety. If it didn't come out when the handle was pressed down then it wouldn't shut off the mower as it should when it comes loose. That defeats the purpose of the safety. It is meant to protect you in case the mower flips over onto the handle or something unexpected like that. It doesn't have to stay it the pushed down position once the mower is running, it just needs to stay in place. I have never had an issue with the safety key coming out and I have had the mower since it came out. 

Also, in your video where you claim that it doesn't work sometimes you weren't pressing down on the safety key. You always have to hold it down while starting the mower. Then you can release it once the mower is started. The key doesn't hold itself in the pressed position.
I'm pretty sure my mower keeps running without the "key" - it just needs to be pressed in for the initial start-up.  I'd rather have it magnetic, or totally captive.  I don't need to remove the key - as I remove the battery when it's not in use (before I fold it up), and the big bar that you hold down while mowing is inherently already its safety feature.  Too much safety if that is what that loose "key" is for, we don't need so much safety that it becomes an unusable burden.  Thanks.  
That second video shows the Mower not running with the handle pulled in AND the key in place, so I believe your problem goes deeper than your initial verdict, since I'm still pretty sure the key doesn't need to be in place once it's running . . . 

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