mower blade increases speed?

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I have the LM2102SP last night i noticed when cutting through thick grass my mower went into almost another speed?  it sounded like the fan spun faster for a few seconds until i got through a thick patch of grass,  is this normal?
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Matthew William

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Posted 1 year ago

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Yes; peak power technology kicks in as needed.
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Matthew William

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this model isnt advertised to have peak power technology like the newer Model # LM2142SP
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Dave .

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i have a 3 year old 21SP.  it speeds up as necessary.
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The 2100 line does have a "second gear" or high speed that will kick in when needed to maintain blade speed in taller thicker grass.  It will then drop back down to conserve battery when the conditions return to normal.

The Peak Power Technology refers to the programing used on the 2142 and the snow blower to maximize the power draw from using 2 batteries simultaneously.  I believe the 2142 also has a noticeable "gear shift", but I am not certain as I have not used one.

But the temporary increase in speed and the Peak Power Technology are 2 different things.
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Matthew William

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Thank you, good to know everything is working properly.
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Anytime - that's why we are here
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Ken Parker

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I just bought the new two blade 21 in mower
I’ve not had any increase in power or blade speed when hitting taller or thicker grass
It just cuts off and I have to get it off of the thick spot n the start
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Ken, it can depend on how quickly you go into the tall, thick grass. If you hit it too fast, the mower will likely shut down on overtemp or thinking it hit something. Hitting the tall, thick grass at a slower speed can allow the mower time to ramp up the speed. Note my comments are based on how my older 21" single blade model behaves. I have the dual blade model and haven't experienced it ramping up yet but I haven't tried putting it through a scenario where it might have an opportunity to ramp up. 
Oh, another thing I've had to do with my older mower is start at a higher cutting height if the grass got really tall. I had to cut it when it was 9" tall one time and I started at max height the mower would go and then dropped the height a couple of times after that first full height pass.
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Lisa Buntin

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I have been having the exact same issue Matthew is having. It almost sounds like the mower is a plane taking  off. I called Ego, and they recommended that I bring it in for service. This could take several weeks, which would make all the weeds in the back yard grow to gargantuan size.. Based on what has been  discussed, do you think it is safe to continue to use, and slow pace when mowing higher, thick blades of grass? I could also use a weed whacker to tackle problem areas before mowing.
 Thank you for your feedback- greatly appreciated!

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Lisa, it's normal to have that "take-off" sound in thick grass. In fact, the mower would do you no good if it didn't increase speed in thicker grass and decrease in speed in thinner grass. The sign of a problem with an EGO mower is if you never notice variability in speed of the blade. For instance if the mower is constantly in "take-off" mode and never decreases it's rotation speed then you likely have a problem.

My observation is during the wetter spring the mower's blade goes into high-speed more often but later in the hotter/dryer summer the mower rarely needs to kick in high-speed.     
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Thomas Shook

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Higher blade speed improves mulching performance, which is why no mower from EGO has yet to beat Honda or Toro as tested by Consumer Reports.  Unless I find an EGO mower that lets me enable high-speed full time, I'll buy Honda or Toro.  
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Christopher Kopek

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I had a Honda gas mower.  I purchase an Ego mower and so far have been satisfied by the mulching performance.  I have found that wet grass does tend to clump but it also did on my Honda.  I'm just glad I dont have to deal with gas, oil, plugs, etc.
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Hooray for no gas, oil, plugs, pull cord, noise, exhaust !!!