Mower (56v/7.5ah) shuts off after 10 minutes on full charge.

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21" Self-propelled mower (56v/7.5ah) shuts off after 5-10 minutes on full charge. (Blinking yellow light.) Starts back up after sitting for 5 minutes, runs for 5 minutes... repeats for 45 minutes until yard is done. Battery is still not completely discharged when finished. Did not happen last year. (Purchased July 2017.)
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According to EGO's Battery Manual under "Troubleshooting"
  • Problem: The power indicator flashes orange when the battery pack is working.
  • Cause: The battery is too hot.
  • Solution: Cool the battery pack until the temperature drops below 152°F (67°C).
  • _______ The battery is too hot.
If the problem persists then either there is a problem with the battery or possibly the electric motor or the electrical circuitry has a problem that creates too much of a load on the battery and thus the battery overheats.
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Official Response
Sam, how tall is the grass you are attempting to cut? Also, how much height are you trying to remove at a time? It sounds like you may be overworking the mower a bit and it is overheating (the orange light on the mower) and then needs the 5 minutes to cool down a bit so you can start mowing again.
Tips for mowing.
Mow when the grass is dry.
Sharp blade.
Try only removing an inch or less of the length of the grass at a time so as not to stress the mower too much. 
Double check the underside of the mower isn't too clogged with grass clippings. Clean it if so.

If none of these, you might need to give customer service a call.
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Oh, one other thing. Try and keep your mowing speed at a fairly pedestrian walking pace. Not too fast. Especially if you are trying to mow tall grass. 
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I installed the new high lift blade on my 21" SP. The blade is a little heavier and has more air drag. On hot days and/or heavy grass the mower will flash yellow and cut out after a few minutes of cutting. I wait until the light stops and it restarts. 
Solutions I found for this problem. Raising the mower height usually works but that is a pain because I have to cut it again the next day lower. Slow down your mowing. Again not the best choice. Go back to the original blade. That worked best and pretty much cuts with no problems.
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Have you sharpened and balanced the HL blade ?
(I know it shouldn't need it, but certainly worth a try)