Mower - 26 minute run time?

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I bought my mower 3 weeks ago.  It had a manufacture date of Feb 2013 which concerned me.

It takes 45 minutes to cut my grass with a push mower.  The first use of the EGO mower went great.  So much so that I gave away my gasoline mower.  Maybe a mistake on my part.

I have cut the grass 4 times since that first mow and only get 26 minutes run time now.  Infant mortality on the battery?

Mower blade spins freely.

What should I expect for warranty service? Will I be without my battery or do they typically cross ship them?
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Posted 5 years ago

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That is surprising that your run time dropped.  Hope C. Service gets you some help as they usually do.
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I see dramatically reduced run time when the grass gets very thick, if I cut too short, if the blade is dull, or if there is grass buildup on the underside of the deck.  I also get overload warnings (orange flashing light) and the occasional overload protection shutoff (solid orange light) in those situations too. 

I am curious if you might be experiencing something similar.  Has anything changed since the first time you cut (grass height/thickness, etc)? 

This is where having a second battery comes in very handy to determine if the problem is with the mower or the battery.  You could always buy a handheld tool with 2ah battery from Home Depot to see if it lasts the expected 20 minutes or not.  Just keep the receipt "in case" you need to return the other tool within 90 days...
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The grass is thicker than the first time that I mowed the grass.  Everything else is the same.

I have no overload lights and I am careful not to cut off too much length. Unless the blade dulled on the first use, I doubt that is the problem. The blade was not obstructed.

I suspect that the 1 hour run time is under ideal conditions and not real world conditions.  

At this point, I am considering buying a second battery and chalking it up to the early adopter tax. If the second battery lasts the 45 minutes that I need, I will warranty the first battery.

I may run the mower without a load to see how long the battery lasts.
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I average 30 minutes.  I'm guessing 45 minutes is with "ideal" conditions.  All manufacturers would do this.  It is more about the mathematical calculation of motor/electronic draw on the battery, verses going out and cutting lawns. 

Now, the sharper the blade, the longer your run time.  Even a fresh factory blade is not as sharp as I like it.  If I can pull a piece of paper across the blade and it not cut it like a razor blade, I sharpen more  :).  The metal is very easy to sharpen.

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Customer Service is fantastic!

After a total of 10 minutes on the phone, EGO is shipping me a new battery.

They have Apple level customer service without the phone wait times.  Kudos to the EGO team. 

After using the mower for a month, I am hooked on battery operated mowers.  The reduced noise and lack of smell makes the chore so much more pleasant.  If it turns out that the battery will only last 26 minutes in my application, I will buy a second battery because I can't go back.
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Gregory, I can relate to your comment about not going back.  After using my EGO mower for all of the 2014 cutting season, I just can't go back to using a gas mower.  The EGO mower isn't perfect (yet) for all conditions and all lawns but it sure makes cutting grass more of a pleasure than a chore.  I still can't wait till they come out with the self-propelled model.

Stan Fayfar
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Gregory, glad to see you are happy with the service!

Let us know if the second battery cures your run time issue.
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I wonder why the EPA doesn't do 'mpg' ratings on electric stuff like this to keep the manufacturer's claims in check....
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You mean like all of those plug in appliances that advertise more power output than is possible to get out of the wall socket they're plugged into?

Last I checked it's physically impossible to extract more than about 2hp continuously from a common 120V 15A circuit, yet there's no shortage of appliances that claim much higher outputs.

There's no shortage of things that could use regulation, but there is a shortage of people and funds to do it.
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What type of grass you are cutting matters also. Keep that blade razor sharp. This is probably your problem.

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