Motor trys to start then dies.

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When I try to start the lawn mower it dies immediately.  It runs for a second or two then dies; the LED flashes off/orange for about 10 seconds, then flashes green/orange for couple more, then off.  The battery is fully charged and works.  Also, the battery and mower are not hot and the handle is in the correct position with the clamps locked.  The blade area is clean of any grass and debris. 

Thank you for your help.
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Posted 6 months ago

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Same issue after year 2. Called EGO and they acknowledged the problem and had me drop it off at local Home Depot to be sent back for repair under warranty. Took 2 months and wouldn't start at all when I got it back. Out of frustration I bought a Honda that day (for much less $$) and junked the EGO. Good luck and hope your situation works out better although I am very happy with my self propelled Honda.
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When this happened to me, I put the battery in the freezer for about half an hour (seriously) and it worked thereafter.  Maybe there is an internal thermostat that turns the battery off if it thinks it is too hot.  I dont know, but this worked for me before (I even set it over an air conditioner vent and had the same result)
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I have that issue from time to time but I find if I push down the start button firmly (ok hard) and pull back the bar to start it up it works.
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Same problem and it seems to be pandemic among LM2100 lawn mower operators.  I have a wild looking front yard right now and the EGO just blinks at me.  It may start once in 15 minutes, and then I cannot ever release the lever until I finish working because I know it will not start again.  It worked the first season well but this problem started appearing last summer and so far this spring I've wasted a couple of hours just trying to get it started.  Note that this is primarily when it is cold, not hot, and if I get it started the batteries will run a good long cut of maybe 30 minutes, depending on load.  Cannot recommend this brand of lawn mower for this reason and also the customer service has been completely unresponsive for a week so far.
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pandemic ?!?
perhaps a bit of hyperbole Bill B

Sorry you are having trouble with yours, but Consumer Reports and others seem to disagree with you regarding the dependability of the Ego 2100 mower.

Perhaps you should have had your mower repaired over the winter instead of ignoring the problem.

Hang in there with customer service.  Unfortunately this is their busy season but they do a great job.  Call them when they first open to minimize any hold time.
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THE SAME PROBLEM happened to me after I had cleaned the deck of my LM2101 mower and installed a newly sharpened blade.   The mower would seem to want to start, but couldn't and the orange light flashed on and off rapidly.

THE PROBLEM was that I had re-installed the white fan blade upside down!   

There is no sign on the fan which side should face out as there is on the mower blade.

When I reversed the fan blade, the mower started right away!

The EGO is smarter than me.   

Once I had it installed properly - the mower worked fine!
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This appears to be a firmware issue with the startup sequence of the older mowers.  DC motors at startup create a lot of heat. Once the inertia is over come the load drops and your A-OK. There is either a "high load time out" that is too short (over rides the high load shutdown for a few milliseconds) or there is a high load trip set too low on the control board. As the brushes on all DC motors wear they create more resistance. More resistance, more load, more heat.  

I have two LM2102SP mowers. One is four years old and the second is two years old. The first one (the oldest) has the same "not want to start" problem. It will not even run the high lift blade because of the extra weight and start up load where as the newer mower works fine. I have have blown out the motor chamber and even used contact cleaner to try and clean the brushes. I got very little improvement. I have not installed new brushes because of the extent of disassembly and no guarantee it will fix the problem. The old mower is also more prone to heat shut downs during hot days and forget getting it to restart. If you have to shut it down to move something you best go get a cold drink and wait 15 to 20 minutes. The newer model has none of these problems and runs like a champ. 

I'm sure EGO is aware of the problem and I know it would void the warranty but I wish EGO would send out replacement boards and let customers change them out at their own risk. Yes I know I can send it back for repairs but it is more of a hassle to send it in for repairs than it is to deal with the "not start" problem.