LOVE my EGO 21" mower!

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I purchased the LM2102SP mower kit with the 7.5Ah battery and rapid charger, and I have been very impressed with the performance of this mower thus far.

I have mowed my 0.7 acre yard twice with this mower and I thought I would share my results:

First mow:
The battery lasted throughout the full mow for my first attempt, but this was with very limited use of the self-propelled function. It took me ~80 minutes of actual mow time, which is VERY impressive for a battery-powered ANYTHING. The yard is mostly Bermuda grass that had been mowed the previous week, so it wasn't terribly tall, and it was dry. I mulched the whole yard since I didn't feel like bagging. After all that, I even had some juice left in the 7.5 battery to use my blower to clear off the clippings from the driveway.

Second mow:
I decided to REALLY test out the 7.5 battery this time, knowing I had a spare 2.0 battery to finish up should I run out. I mowed the same yard, but this time the grass was a bit taller and slightly wet since it had rained that morning. I used the self-propel about 1/2 of the mow time (~75 minutes mow time). I bagged the front yard (emptied the bag 5 times) and mulched the back yard. The battery lasted until the LAST 3 PASSES of my back yard, which was OUTSTANDING performance. I got about 5 minutes of mow time from the point where the red battery indicator light came on until the mower died. I didn't try to start it again after it died the first time, I just finished up with my smaller 2.0 battery.

With the purchase of this mower, I am now gas equipment free! I am a true believer in the power of these tools and batteries.

If you are on the fence about a battery-operated mower, specifically the battery endurance part, I would encourage you to give the 21" self-propelled mower with the 7.5Ah battery a shot. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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Brad Christie

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Thanks for the review Andy. Glad to have you aboard the EGO train. ;)
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Jennifer VandeWater, Community Manager

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Andy, we're so glad that you took the time to write in about your mower.  We hope this helps others join the EGO train too!
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Blue Angel, Champion

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Awesome info Andy! Thanks for sharing!

Very cool to see detailed information including the size of the yard being mowed. This will prove very helpful for others with larger yards wondering if the mower will handle it.

Question: is your yard 0.7 acres total (including house, driveway etc), or is that the actual amount of grass you are cutting?
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Good question! I should have said that my LOT is 0.7 acres, not my YARD. More people probably know the size of their lot, including the non grassy areas, as opposed to their yard size, so that was my reasoning behind mentioning my lot size.

FYI: From my TruGreen bill, I can tell you that my YARD size has been approximated to be ~14100 sq/ft, which is why it takes so long with a 21" mower. This size is probably approaching the maximum of what one could expect this mower to handle in a single 7.5 Ah battery charge.
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Blue Angel, Champion

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Great info again! Thanks!
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David HD, Champion

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Congrats on your new mower Andy ... I bought my mower about a month ago and have been enjoying mowing my yard as well.  So far, I have bagged my yard only once while the rest of the time, I mulch cut everything.  My yard is about 10,000 sq/ft and have been able to cut the entire yard with self propelled on the entire time on "one full charge."  Like you, I am slowly getting rid of all my old gas tools and slowly converting everything over to EGO.  Still using a gas edger until EGO comes out with an edger - hopefully in the near future!
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Great to see your having good results with your mower.