Loose rear housing on snow blower

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We just received our Power+ snow blower yesterday, and I noticed that part of the plastic housing on the rear of the snow blower is loose, leaving some of the electronics exposed.  I needed to use the snow blower this morning, as we're two days in to a 6-day blizzard here in Lake Tahoe, and I managed to still clear close to a foot of snow out of our 2-car driveway.  I'll post the review and pics in a separate post, but for now I'm wondering if anyone can help determine how to put the housing back together.  I can't seem to pull it back into place, and I'm hoping this piece is just cosmetic.  So I suppose I have two questions:

1) Is there a somewhat simple method for determining if the unit is damaged in such a way that requires repair?
2) If this is just a cosmetic plastic plate, what is the easiest way to get it back into place?

Thanks in advance for the help.  I'm really hoping it's a simple fix.  We're experiencing back-to-back blizzards here in Tahoe dumping multiple feet of snow, and I'm really going to need this snow blower to clear our driveway every 4-5 hours (snow accumulation rate is 2-3"/hr.).


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This looks pretty beat up.  I would return it to HomeDepot for an exchange.
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I looked at mine, and to me it appears that it is held in place by pressure from the surrounding housing pieces. I suspect if you loosen the green knobs that lock the handle in place, it might take some pressure off of the panel, so it can be moved back into position. Just a guess on my part.
Thanks for the replies.  I tried loosening the green knobs, but unfortunately it didn't relieve enough pressure to pull that back panel back into place.  I looked at the overall housing, and, while I hope this is not the case, it appears I'd have to remove the entire gray top to get access to the interior where this panel is floating.

Regarding returning the snow blower - that's an option, but I hope it doesn't come to that, as I ordered it online from Home Depot.  I bought the equipment protection plan, so I'm covered for an exchange, but the easiest return will likely be driving it over to the nearest store in Nevada (Carson City), which won't be possible for a few days due to the extreme weather.
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Official Response
You just need to take out the battery bay. It's not too complicated. First take the 3 deep screws out of each side of the battery Bay near the battery release buttons. Then one up front. That will allow you to pull the center piece out.

Then drop the 2 black battery terminal connectors out of their spots down into the snow blower.

Next take out all the screws holding the battery Bay in. 3 in each bottom (or 2?) And the ones up top. That will come out no problem. And voila
Thanks for the detailed reply, Jacob.  I didn't notice the seam in the plastic housing around the battery bay, so it looks like this would be the easiest way to get access to the interior where that housing is floating.  I hadn't received a response from EGO yet regarding my support request, so I called them this morning.  They were very helpful on the phone and suggested that they just ship me a new one.  Thanks again for the help!
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For sure you can return it to a HD store (I understand not convenient for you, due to distance), but won't HD.com let you return it directly to them?
It turns out that our closest Home Depot doesn't stock this snow blower, so EGO is shipping me a new one.  The 6-day blizzard just finished here, so I was getting ready to go with Jacob's suggestion to remove the battery compartment, but it looks like the new snow blower should arrive just in time for the next set of snow storms :)
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I had to return two units that had problems. My original unit was ordered from the Home Depot web site. What EGO did in my case, was to direct ship another blower (twice) to me via UPS. I then used the packaging the replacement came in, to return the suspect unit to them under warranty. They also provided a prepaid  Fed Ex shipping label to return the unit. Their Customer Support department has been outstanding to work with.
My experience with their customer service was excellent also.  They are shipping a new unit to me and a return label for a FedEx shipment of the damaged unit back to them.  Loose housing and all, the unit has actually performed very well.  I'm gathering all the photos of our battle with the blizzard here in Tahoe and will post a review.