LM2002-P vs LM2101 - CANADA

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this community and am hopeful of purchasing an Ego mower. The 2 models in the Post Heading are the ones currently available in Canada (I live West of Toronto) that I am considering (I'm not a fan of SP). I'm highly frustrated with the prices of these mowers in Canada vs. the US prices given the current state of the exchange rate between our two countries. While I understand that the warranty is applicable in Canada for a US purchased mower, the cost and hassle associated with crossing the border and bringing the mower back across are not worthwhile IMHO.

Essentially, the two mowers I am considering are $600 and $700 respectively. I'm definitely purchasing a cordless electric mower in the next week. I need a new mower. I love the brushless (steel) mower but I can't wait to see when they become available in Canada.

There are other cordless options (the Kobalts at Lowe's are most intriguing to me as a second choice). 

Is the 2101 worth the extra $113?
Any other thoughts on comparable mowers that aren't quite so pricey?
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Posted 2 years ago

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     Check them out!  I returned my $750.00 self propelled because the blade didn't turn.  I checked online and found that they have lots of faulty machines...That's the Ego.
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Donald, you never replied to any of our questions in your other threads to help us try to troubleshoot your problem. If the blade wasn't turning but the self-propelled feature worked there's a chance the safety switch wasn't engaging because the handle wasn't extended all the way.

Ego doesn't have "lots of faulty machines." But people who do have problems post here so they can try to get help, which skews your impression.

There's a reason Ego always comes out on top in reviews --- professional and customer --- and build quality is one of them.
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Donald, is there a cordless electric brand/model # that you might recommend I look at ?
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Hint: feel free to discuss Ego products here, but discussing other brands as alternatives should be kept to a minimum... this is an Ego forum, after all. :-)
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Aye, Aye, Cap'n!!!    (salutes)
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I tried the Ryobi and the battery wouldn't charge right, so the mower wouldn't start right out of the box.  

Home Depot gave me a $50. discount on the Ego as a Customer Satisfaction peace offering for all my trouble boxing, unboxing, etc.

No experience with Kobalt, but on all the YouTube tests - Ego was top dog.

I'm very pleased with the cut the Ego gives me with my Centipede NFL lawn.
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Alon, Ego pricing at HD Canada has been a sore point here for a while now, ever since the dollar started dropping and HD jacked Ego prices far beyond what made sense based on the exchange rate. Between price and carrying only part of the Ego lineup, HD Canada isn't doing Ego or its customers any favors.

Between the two models you mention, I'd be tempted to stick with the 20" mower. It's not quite as powerful, but it's lighter, smaller and easier to maneuver. If you have a large lot those may or may not be desirable attributes.
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Please refresh my memory....

Does the new Steel Deck mower have a brushless motor?

If so, and my mowing job was large enough to wear down the motor with brushes, I'd definitely pay the extra $100 or so for the brushless mower.   
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Yes, the steel deck mower is brushless. 
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Well, if EGO mowers do wear down the brushes, you will still have five years warranty and be covered. Haven't heard of any first gen ones wearing them down yet? 
I think we will only be able to tell if there is a "brush problem" in the next couple of years as mowers (even the intensive use ones) haven't seemed to bring any of that type of complaint/breakdown.
I think the "brushless motor" is more of a marketing strategy at this point as the competition also has. In a heavy use, constant use application or where EMI or RFI or even explosive hazard is a problem- yes definitely a plus to go  brushless.
.....but a lawnmower doesn't see a lot of hours of use in its life so i would hope that it wouldn't have that problem. Heck my  fans all have brushes and those see a lot of hrs.