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I currently have the self-propelled mower and the snow thrower and am happy with both.  This past Fall, however, is now having me consider the leaf blower.  I get a lot of leaves that need to be blown together in the backyard and out to the street in the front.  The leaves are of different varieties, very small to very large, and can be difficult to move, especially after a rain.  I don't want to spend a fortune, which is irrelevant based on the Ego costs, but I also don't want to be fooling with the speed of the unit.  Can anyone suggest what product might be best for my specific needs?...thanks in advance...Mike
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Posted 4 months ago

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I have the 580cfm blower (https://egopowerplus.com/blower-580cfm/) and have been very happy with it. I like the light weight and easy portability, and it's plenty powerful (it will move gravel).

If you have a big yard to tackle you might consider the backpack blower (https://egopowerplus.com/blower-600cfm/). My yard is small enough I don't need to go through strapping it on, but the backpack would ease the burden if you're using it with a larger battery.

Since you already own several Ego tools you can buy either of the above as bare tools and not have to pay for additional batteries or chargers you may not need.
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All depends upon your yard size and volume of leaves plus distance you need to blow the leaves. EGO has the hand held with or without a 2.5 Ah battery, backpack blower with a 5.0 Ah battery, or the backpack link to use with any EGO battery you wish with the handheld blower. Your own assessment on your conditions will best determine which options are best.
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I have the older hand held 575 CFM and the backpack 600 CFM, and found myself using the "hand held" blower more often than the backpack blower.  That said; I would agreed with Ken that both models would work very well for you.  If you get hand/arm fatigue easily than perhaps, the 600 CFM would be a consideration for you.  Good luck with your decision and let us know which option you decided to move forward with ... :-)
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I have the 575 blower and really like it. It will also move gravel. I don't have any others to compare it against but I imagine any of the ones in the vicinity of the 575 will do a great job.
Not sure why you have to move the leaves to the street in the front, but as an alternative could you use your mower as a leaf vacuum? That way you don't have to wrangle leaves from the back to the front. I have the 21" non-self propelled model with the normal blade and it really sucks up leaves nicely. 
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+1 for vacuuming/mulching leaves with the mower.
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Garden editor Mike McGrath recommends mowing over your leaves (using the mulching blade of course).
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When leaves are dry and not too deep, I run over them multiple times using mulching settings turning them into fine dust that provides free nutrients for the lawn.
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Thanks everyone for your quick and kind responses.  If I don't have too many leaves, then I do mulch them, best I can; however, sometimes there are so many, it's overwhelming, and I have to bunch them together and bag them (in the fenced backyard).  We have a service in town that picks up leaves if you leave them at the curb and that is why I blow them there in the front yard.  I hope that answers some questions.  Anyway, I don't feel a backpack is necessary, so will definitely consider the 575 or 580 CFM....thanks again, EGO fans!    
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Re fooling with the speed in your original post, the 580 is great as it has a variable speed trigger as well as a dial that can set it to a constant speed.  Very easy to get exactly what you want as well as shift gears if needed.
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Mike, one more suggestion that could potentially save you time and effort. Use a large tarp, blow onto it and drag to curb. If you're able to drag across lawn, the tarp won't wear out like on a paved driveway.
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I have the 575 and love it. I use it all year round (great for light snow on the driveway and blowing off the car as well). It can get a bit heavy and I feel it in my forearms after using it for a while, but it does have a shoulder strap you can use. I haven't used any others to compare it to but am very happy with it!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled What are your views on LB6000 vs LB5800 in terms of comfort and power?.

I am trying to figure out what makes the most sense in terms of comfort and power when considering purchasing the backpack blower LB6000 vs the strong handheld blower LB5800. Thank you for your advice and feedback!