LB6000 Backpack Blower zaps my gloved hand

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I live in Canada and purchased the LB6000 backpack blower for snow removal about 6 weeks ago. Come spring/summer/fall it will see use as well, but the primary reason for purchase was snow clearing.

I've had an issue with the blower since new, while using the blower, and mostly when the blower kicks up a lot of airborne snow (mist), the trigger will zap my hand. It's an electric shock, sometimes quite the jolt too.

I didn't think much of it until yesterday, while the trigger was jolting me the blower stopped working all together. Tried installing a freshly charged battery, nothing, kept it inside to warm up overnight, nothing.

I called customer support this evening and the agent didn't sound too surprised by my experience of being zapped. I was told this blower "isn't really designed for snow removal", which is odd because the marketing material for this blower doesn't exactly advertise anywhere that it shouldn't be used for snow removal.

As the tool is still under warranty the agent processed a replacement unit to be shipped to me. I was told to use this tool bare hand to prevent any further jolts. This isn't really a solution for me, or anybody, who would use this tool to remove snow in cold temperatures. The agent said that some EGO customers have cut the palm out of a pair of gloves to wear while using this tool. That way your bare palm touches the tool as to prevent the electric shock.

I was wondering what the official stance from EGO is on this blower, should it be used to clear snow? If not, the information page for this product should clearly reflect this.

Does anybody here use an EGO blower to clear snow? Have you been jolted by the trigger? Has anybody made a custom palm missing glove for use with this tool?
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Official Response
Ego does not recommend using the leaf blowers for snow as when snow is drawn in the intake port it can short the machine.  We blow snow at our own risk.

Some have reported using an anti-static wrist strap to enable the wearing of gloves.
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Wrapping a wire around the handle with electrical tape and then attaching a static strap like this one should solve the shocking issue while allowing you to wear gloves.

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Thank you both for the reply. I really enjoy my other EGO tools (lawn mower and string trimmer) so if wearing a static strap or cutting the palm out of a glove allows me to use this tool to clear snow then I'm all for it. I still believe EGO should make consumers aware of this fact somewhere on the products information page.
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Very true... it’s a popular topic this time of year.
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Really?????  It's called a leaf blower, not a snow blower.  I have the same model and would never think of using it for blowing snow.  As for the comment and your demand that it should say it in the documentation, get real and use some common sense.

It does not also say that it cannot be used for blowing dust out of the house or drying your clothes, these are common senses things that most normal people understand.  

Now you want to blow snow with it and where the intake will be taking in moisture you complain that you are getting a shock???
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Although the pictures and videos may all have been taken down, Ego at one time featured shots of their leaf blowers being used on snow.  So, slow your roll. 
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Also, they’re officially called Blowers, not Leaf Blowers, which pretty much leaves it open as to what you can use them for.

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I am a senior citizen, female with various health issues and can not shovel the snow. My son bought me the EGO Blower for Christmas to keep my ramp cleaned off.. Love how it functions. There is one problem my hand is larger then the switch under handle and there is a metal strip that protrudes from the handle in back of the switch. I get a trickle of juice from the strip every time I use it. I will try and find something to insulate between my hand and the metal strip but wanted to alert you of this issue. I do not know if there is a grounding issue or what.

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