I've noticed that the mower doesn't cut the grass very well, in that I find it leaving strips of uncut grass.

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The mower isn't cutting very well
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Posted 2 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Tom! If you're seeing uneven cuts, here are the first steps you'll want to take:

-Make sure that blade is installed correctly (video for reference: https://community.egopowerplus.com/ego/topics/my_mower_is_cutting_unevenly)
-Sharpen blade
-Raise cut height
-Remove any excess debris from underside of deck
-Mow at a slower pace

If none of these tips help, please do not wait to call us! We want your mowing experience to be as smooth as possible. 1-855-346-5656
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Remember to sharpen your blade at least twice every summer.
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Here is a youtube video of a solution for the cut issues:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPGK-WW9Luc
skip to about 6:50 to get right to it. Enjoy!
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The video's comment about individual's mowing technique causing the front wheels to be too light leading to a bad cut is great analysis...:)
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My mower (LM2101) has never not cut the grass properly.  

However, I get a much better cut with no visible clippings even mowing over leaves (see below) with the regular blade than the high lift blade.

Be sure your blade is balanced, sharp, facing the right side (it's marked on the blade) and the bolt and washer holding it is not too loose.

Just mowed with a brand new sharp regular blade after mowing my Centipede grass 3 times with the high lift blade.

Mower was much quieter, and I got a lovely cut.

AND - there were NO clippings left on top of the lawn as with the high lift blade!

My theory (after using the high lift blade a few times) is that it lifts the clippings along with the grass blades so they sit on top and pile a bit to one side.  

I'll sharpen the high lift blade, oil it and put it away for the Fall if I decide to try out the catcher. 

HOWEVER - I DO WISH there was a 2-1/2 inch option for my grass type.   3 inches is beautiful, but it's not that smooth golf green cut that 2 inches gives me.   But the 2 inch cut is just a bit too short here and there almost scalping it in spots.

If EGO ever comes out with a shiny snazzy stainless body mower (without SP) with half inch cut increments, I'll buy it and sell or give my current mower to a family member!

Howdy to all the Brave Brilliant EGO Champions!   I'll never stop being grateful for the community here.   Take care of yourselves - you are essential to our success as mowing impresarios!
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Geez... you just can’t make some girls happy.

Kidding! You’re awesome Sibyl! And yes, more cut height options will always be better than less options. :-)
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I read all this and I still think there is a design problem with the mower. I have a brand new mower (LM2100SP) and it has a lumpy cut. My blade is sharp, my catch basket isn’t full, the grass is mostly dry, and I’m not cutting too much grass. I think the design problem is with either the cutting blade or the shape of the underside of the mower. My guess is the air flow is pushing the grass down too much, which causes the blade to not cut properly.
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I have not seen any pictures like that before.
Are you certain your blade is installed properly with the correct side facing down.

Call customer service.  I would think they would agree that is not acceptable results.
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I checked. The blade is installed properly.
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Did you take this picture before you started mowing? I don't even see a single speck of cut grass anywhere on the yard or on the mower, including the wheels. Seeing lots of swirly grass patterns, but nothing cut. 
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lol, that is one horrible lawn mower.  I just bought my on clearance.  I guess now we know why Home Depot is trying to get rid of them in favor of the Ryobi.
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Go to homedepot.com
Go to battery lawn mowers
Then sort by Best reviewed or best selling or most popular and see all the Ego mowers on top of the list with huge number of reviews.

Check consumer reports - again highly rated.

Sure some people and some mowers and some lawns will have problems (this is true of any tool), but it is not a wide spread issue or problem.

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