Is it better to buy a 580 cuf blower with a new battery or just use the one from my 7.5ah mower?

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I'm trying to decide if it is better to have the additional battery that comes with the 580 cuf blower, or buy it bare and use the 7.5ah mower battery that I already have?  Pros and cons?  Is there additional 'strain' on the battery that will affect its life?  Weight in the blower?
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Howard Halstead

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Since I have 2 tools (mower and blower), I like having 2 batteries as it allows me to have almost continuous use of either tool with 2nd battery charging.

Btw, I have the 580 blower and love it!
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In my opinion, the 7.5 AH battery is a bit heavy to use in the handheld blower, the 2.5 AH battery is more comfortable to use.  (But you certainly CAN use the 7.5 AH battery, it's not horribly heavy. The "thrust back" from the blower operating is just as much of an arm strain as the weight from the heavier battery, and I only have the 530 CF model.)

You CAN use the 2.5 AH battery to run your mower, but the runtime is very short, so it's only enough to "finish up" a small area if your 7.5 AH isn't quite enough.

If you wait for a good sale, you can usually find the "kit" with blower / battery / regular charger for only 20-30$ more than the "bare tool" price, so if you find a deal like that, it's almost like getting a free battery and backup (slower) charger. I haven't seen the "bare tools" go on sale as much, their price seems to stay more constant. (The "regular" charger can charge your 7.5 AH battery, but takes about twice as long as the quick charger that comes with the mower. You can also use the QuickCharger on the 2.5 AH battery.)

One possible exception is that (in the USA / Home Depot) the Edger attachment with power-head (no battery) is stupidly cheap compared to other ways of buying the powerhead. So if you are interested in an edger, you might want to buy a blower with 2.5 AH battery so you could buy the edger/powerhead without a battery and have a 2.5 AH to use with it.
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The 580 CFM blower comes with the 5Ah battery. ;-)
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I should add, my manual mower came with 5.0 AH battery as did my blower kit. Having 2 batteries has worked well for me.

Yes, even the 5.0 AH battery can be a bit heavy with the 580 blower, but if you have a lot of leaves to blow, I would not want a smaller battery. During the fall months when I am doing lots of leaves, I will use the optional shoulder strap to reduce stress on my lower back.

Clearly, the 5.0 AH battery that comes with 580 blower kit will work just fine in your mower, but will a shorter run time. And, maybe you would never need to use the larger 7.5 AH battery in the blower. Depends on how long at o e time you want to use either tool. Since my time is limited, I need to use both batteries.
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Generally speaking the 2.5 amp hour battery is the most comfortable to use with the handheld blowers, but has fairly short run time and is better for smaller lighter duty cleanup work like clearing clippings off the driveway and sidewalk. As mentioned, this battery is not kitted with the 580 CFM blower.

The five amp hour battery is much better suited to larger jobs like blowing piles of leaves around. The larger battery adds a little bit of heft to the tool but it’s not unmanageable.

If you have lots of leaf blowing or other heavier blowing jobs to do, the 7.5 amp hour battery might be a good fit as long as the added weight doesn’t get you down. The strap can help with the weight if necessary.
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Get it with the battery then you will have a back-up, especially if one fails (mine did yesterday)  I got the mower and blower both with 5amp, and then got the trimmer without a battery kit.  The battery by itself is a lot more expensive than including it with the blower.