Interested in the Power+ Blower but am cautious about the output power.

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Is there an attachment for the Power+ Blower that extends and tapers the tip to enhance the blowers effectiveness?  I ask this because the extended tip for my Toro electric blower makes a huge difference.
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Posted 4 years ago

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There are no tube extensions available as of yet.

Narrowing the tube of a ducted fan style blower may not be productive as this type of fan does not work well with high levels of restriction (pressure drop). Most high output cordless blowers are moving to the ducted fan style, however, since they are very efficient at moving large quantities of air.

The Ego blower is a decent length from handle to tip, which makes it easy to have the tip located close to the ground in use. This makes a difference relative to a shorter design.

The only way to know for sure if the tool will work in your application would be to try it out, and Home Depot has a 90 day return policy. Most people are very happy with the Ego blower.
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Are all the batteries interchangeable between all products? I have the 56v 4.0ah battery with mower and would like the blower but want the same battery. The blower comes with the 2.0ah. Any way I can upgrade the battery for a small up charge?
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EGO does not offer upgrades.  They recommend people buy the bare tool and purchase the battery separately.

All EGO batteries work with ALL EGO tools
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William, all of the batteries ARE interchangeable.  As SCDC mentioned, unfortunately, we do not have an upgrade program in place at this time.
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You should really get with Home depot to offer this... Yes you can buy the equipment without a battery but the price does not reflect leaving the battery out.   Take the Blower for instance... with the battery it sells for $179 and without it is $99. but a 2.0 battery costs $129... so even at worse case you'd be better off buying the one with the battery and then selling it on ebay if you don't want it.  I just bought the blower and the saw, I would love to be able to trade in the 2.0's for some 4.0's or higher but don't want to get ripped off..
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Haven't you ever bought a battery powered tool before? Its the same for every drill, saw, you name it. If your drill goes bad, your almost better off buying a new drill with battery and charger. This is no different. If you think your getting ripped off, better not buy a new cordless drill battery, thats a royal rip off. 100.00 for 1/3 the EGO 2 ah BATTERY.
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Absolutely. Things are always cheaper when they're bundled in "kits". That's the whole point of a kit.

Regarding drill batteries, your comments are right on as of a couple years ago. Now, what I see anyway, is a large shift in cordless tool battery prices which all started when the 5Ah drill batteries came on the scene. If you look at $/Wh, some of the cordless drill batteries are a really good value compared to, say, the Ego 2Ah pack.

Having said that however, NONE of them have the level of Engineering inside that the Ego platform has (fan cooled charging and phase change cell wraps). Makita comes closest in my opinion with their fan cooled charging and very quick charge times compared to the competition, but Ego is still on another level. To be fair, the drill batteries are not really designed for continuous use at high load like the Ego platform is, so I guess I shouldn't be too critical.

Recently, a friend of mine needed new batteries for his aging Dewalt XRP 18V drill. Those batteries are NiMh and much lower capacity than the newer LiIon batteries but cost almost the same! I told him he'd be better off just buying a new drill kit than investing in old tech replacements for his old drill (especially since he only has the one tool!), but he wasn't interested in spending any more than he absolutely had to. He even could have sold his old drill for a few bucks to make the difference extremely small... oh well, live and learn I guess.
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William, have you bought/tried an EGO blower yet? It's quite powerful right out of the box.
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If at 56V, 2Ah of charge is used within 10 minutes, the input power of the blower is 672 watts (56V, 12A), and if the blower blows 480 CFM at 92 mph, then the output is 229.90803W.  That is not the most air power in the world, but the blower does really move leaves and debris well.  The Toro Ultra Blower Vac model 51619, by comparison, has input of 12A on a 120V 60Hz outlet, which gives it about 990W input if the AC is sine-wave, 1440W if AC is square wave. I believe that it is rated at 1440W. The output of the Ultra with the power attachment, assuming that it moves 265CFM at 210mph, its output power is 661.33531W, but the dynamics here are totally different. In the end of it all, they both blow leaves very well. I know, I have Toro models 51599, 51609, and 51619, and I have the EGO Power+ blower. They all do a fantastic job.  While the Toro with the power attachment has about three times the EGO's output power, it doesn't really do the job much faster. Why, I'm not really inclined to go into detail on that right now because there is a long and detailed explanation that I do not even know by heart yet, but they both work.  The difference is that you have to wear a power inverter on your back to go cordless with the Toros.