Initial mower review.... The goods... and the really bads...

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Intro:  I've had this mower for a couple of weeks now and have a few runs on it.  Two minor cuts and today a very heavy wet cut (been gone for a few days, it's been raining, and the grass went crazy).

Location / Grass:  South Carolina.  Home of the heat and humidity (95 degrees, 50-60 percent humidity is not uncommon).  The "good" grass here is bermuda.  Those that have it as a typical grass type love it.  Those that have it as "weed" are in pure hell.  It thrives in the sun and heat and does not need much water.  This is a unique grass that "dies" (everything above surface goes brown and dies) every "winter" (after it hits 40-50's or so).  It comes back from the root every year and is one of the most hardcore grasses out there.  Sprinkle sand across the ground and it will cover the with runners and new roots in no time.  You HAVE to edge driveways and sidewalks or it will grow right across the top of a driveway.  Properly maintained and cut short, it is so bad*** it chokes out weeds.  Ideally, it's cut at about 1" or so during the spring or as short as you can without scalping the dirt, then go a bit higher during the summer when it gets hot.  The shorter you mow it, the more dense, thicker, and healthier it is.

  • Idea: Being also into remote control cars (including electric), the whole battery thing GOOOOD.
  • Implementation:  Good to moderate.
  • Pros: The voltage supplies a good amount of power to the motor.  Even on my thick grass, it does not bog down.  The battery pack is for me sufficient.  Ability to swap with other EGO units, smart.  Not sure how many people notice, but the fact you built the mower for a physically bigger sized battery than the current largest one, good call ;)
  • Cons:  Moderately poor to horrible 30 minute charger design.  The way the battery docks into the charger is okay at best, but needs an easier "eject" function.  I've already called out in another thread the quite significant issues with the charger in the fact these batteries are not meant to be stored at either empty or full charge.  In the brilliance of this new battery mower design, this was a horrible oversight.  Huge plus: the warranty, huge negative: you as the manufacture will pay for this design flaw yourselves due to battery replacements. 

  • Idea:  Horizontal storage taking up to possibly on 25% of the space of your old mower:  BRILLIANT!  About time!  I recouped nearly half of my storage shed and can move the cushions from all my deck furniture all inside!
  • Implementation: #@%(*&$  SERIOUSLY?????? 
  • Pros:  Tons less storage space, fantastic, enough said
  • Cons:  The handle on the front of the deck, seriously?  Brilliant top engineers to design this state of the art new machine, and perhaps you handed of the handle design over to a junior high school intern?  You have a huge front gap of 6" that doesn't exist on nearly almost all of the other mowers on the market because of this ridiculous overhang in front of the unit.  I can think of 3 places just at initial glance that would have been EASILY a better location.  Bonus: you sell more trimmers because we're now forced to use them every time we mow and in places we've never had to trim before because the mower blade no longer can reach!  Also, the design of the side clips to keep the handles extended are very poor.  4 or 5 times every mow I have to reach down and close them because they keep popping open.

Other minor complains/issues:
  • Do you guys/gals seriously never cut wet grass?  Miss a big ole pile o' wet smelly dog fun stuff when cleaning up before mowing?  Not sealing the bottom of the deck so the unit could be carefully cleaned with water is a very poor idea in my opinion.  You didn't need to make it industrial pressure washer proof, but making it so the average joe could easily clean the deck would have really been a good idea.  Yes, I know the band-aids like spraying wd-40, etc, but that doesn't address the real issue.
  • Why can I tell the rough battery percentage on the charger, but why didn't you include a very simple (even if a 4 LED system) on the battery or mower itself?
  • One handle height adjustments, SO NICE!  However, I had 10-12 adjustments on my old cheap push gas mower.  This just doesn't cut it, right now #2 is too short and #3 is too long.  I'm kind of stuck needing something in the middle with no fix.

End result:  
Pro: Absolutely innovative, brilliant, moderately decently priced, solid replacement solution to your old gas powered needs.
Con: No other way to put it, fire the person or group of people responsible for coordinating consumer feedback prior to final product design and manufacturing, or implement one if you didn't (seems the more likely scenario).  The things I've posted are not rocket science and I've seen quite of number of other threads with similar ideas.  Some of these moderate to severe design flaws should have EASILY been found with appropriate levels of consumer testing.

Buy it again:  Yeah probably, but sure wish they would have had a v2 with these fixes already available.  I already have the without battery trimmer on my way and already know of some complaints and praise before it even arrives :D
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Official Response
Eric, thank you for taking the time for your detailed review. Regarding the difficulty you are experiencing with your charger, please call customer service at 1-855-346-5656 so we can help you from there. And please note that a fully charged battery will self-regulate to 30% charge after a month, so you have no need to worry about charge levels during storage.