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Would like to see EGO come out with movable castor front wheels on the mower to get around the yard. It would be great if EGO could make a retrofit castor wheel package that could be installed on existing mowers.

Would like to see EGO make a 31 inch or so self-propelled mower. I love my 21 inch self propelled mower, but a bigger cutting path would be better without going to a riding mower device.

Would like to see EGO or someone come out with a solar panel charging device to use the power of the sun to charge my EGO battery, instead of using the power company.

Would like to see a mulching blade too from EGO.

Very happy with my mower.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Brad Christie

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Hi Chuck! Welcome aboard!

Great ideas. I'm not sure I would benefit from castor wheel or a bigger cutting path, but certainly exists in the market already and could help useful to others.

As far as solar panels, the size you'd need to maintain a fairly wick charge wouldn't be insignificant. It Barry be more appropriate to go completely solar (whole home).

Regarding mulching blade, the blade included with the 21" SP, in my opinion, does a fair job. Certainly could use a little more lift, but have had no problem mincing lagged and grass.

At any rate, thanks for the feedback and welcome to the community!
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Agreed. The rapid charger consumes over 500W which would require two full size panels. That's a lot of solar to use just for charging mower batteries once a week or so. A solar investment would be better off providing juice to the house and just to battery chargers when necessary.
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Chuck, thanks for your great ideas!  I'd like to suggest you consider changing your user name so your email is not displayed publicly here. 
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All in favor of Chuck's ideas, say "Aye."
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All super ideas which I'm sure will provide sleepless nights for the tech team.  Let's not forget the power source can only provide so much power without reducing work times.
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I would like to see a better mulching blade, and one that is capable of avoiding rocks!
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Haha, the smart blade with reflexes! :-)
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I'd like to see one that mulches rocks.....
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The solar charger would work. However it would require EGO to sell a trickle charger so a small panel could be used. I would think that a slow charge over 3 days would work great. That would serve most of the current users i would imagine. Assuming slow charging a lithium battery is ok.
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David Cline

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It's really interesting to hear the perspective of Ego's Eco-motivated customer segment. As a cost savings consultant, I know that Eco-friendly is usually just PR spin unless there are hard dollar savings (within the first year, sometimes two).

I am at the polar opposite end of the spectrum—I am purely about the convenience, and I would happily slap down money for a faster charger or bigger batteries to keep juice flowing, even if they were less efficient. The electricity cost per charge is more or less negligible to me.

This solar charging is like someone offering to pay twice as much for dialup now that we have gigabit fiber available in my neighborhood,
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DC, agreed that your view is a very popular one. To add to that, the "green" image of cordless electric OPE is already quite strong, and it's overall efficiency and cleanliness is excellent compared to gas powered equipment.

There always will be those who want to go greener. Unfortunately for them, they usually represent a small portion of the market and are therefore not usually accommodated by mass market products. This leaves (usually expensive and/or impractical) solutions only.

Jacob, as far as I know, reducing charge and discharge current generally increases cycle life of battery cells. I would think the proper lithium charging routine would still need to take place, as in Constant Current / Constant Voltage, unless the charging current was below the top-up current specification.

I wonder if Adrian (the BMS Engineer) would have some insight?
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Lee L

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I really like the caster idea. I have a smallish lawn with some curved edging on landscape beds and two trees to go around. I just got my eGo mower and while it is easier to lift than my old gas powered one, I still have to lift the front to do the trees especially and when I do, it just doesn't provide as good of a cut.

Also, count me in for wanting a blade with more lift. That's my one small complaint about an otherwise awesome product. It just does not lift the grass as much as the gas powered mower. I have a thick fescue/bluegrass lawn and this time of year in NC it is really thick. Mowing twice at a 90 degree angle helps, but still doesn't give as smooth a cut.
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So it's been two years since I suggested several ideas to the EGO product masters. Can EGO update us on whether any products are in the offering? Thanks, chuckie0307