I would like EGO to build e-bikes.

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Shopping around for e-bikes I was wondering why EGO doesn't make these - then I could switch the battery from my mower and use it on my e-bike !

And if they do, seems like someone has already lifted their name http://www.egobikeusa.com/product/electric-fat-tire-bike-beach-snow/
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There was a thread going about a year ago regarding different uses for Ego batteries. I would love to be able to take my lawnmower battery and use it to ride to work!

I don’t think Ego and Home Depot would really be interested in the E-bike market, but perhaps Chervon would have an interest in working with an E-bike conversion kit supplier here in North America? It would be awesome for a reputable company to adapt their kit to take an Ego battery!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Electric bikes, and other "off label" uses for EGO battery packs.

I highly doubt EGO wants to get into the bicycle business, but their battery packs could easily make some waves in that space....

Some quick background:  Electric bicycles have been a "thing" for a while now.  They're basically normal bikes, but with a battery and motor grafted on.  You still pedal, but the motor makes it easier to climb hills, accelerate from stops, or just cruise effortlessly at high-ish speeds.

You can buy a "cheap" electric bike for around US$1,000 (crappy motor, crappy battery), while the fancier e-bikes can cost $5,000 or more.  There are also conversion kits that let you add the electric bits onto most any bike you already own.  A nice conversion kit also costs about $1,000. About $500 for a nice mid-drive motor, and about $500 for a ~50V, ~8AH lithium ion battery pack.

That last part should sound familiar!  EGO is now selling battery packs in that power range, and they are selling them for a very good price.  EGO's packs also include battery management, and advanced cooling technology that is comparable or better than what even the fancy electric bikes are using these days.

I'll finally get to the point:  It would be fantastic if EGO could sell some sort of "universal battery connector" that would let hobbyists of all persuasions easily connect any of the existing EGO packs to whatever they want.  In other words, a clickie battery socket, just like what the mower uses, except without the mower part!  I'm guessing that this would result in lots of people buying "bare" EGO batteries for their various crazy projects, but once they own an EGO battery pack, they'd probably also start buying the various EGO devices that "officially" use those batteries.  Everybody's happy!

(I'm guessing that EGO's lawyers wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of people building various EGO-powered devices, and then setting themselves on fire, or wrapping themselves around a tree somewhere.  But hey, that's what disclaimers are for!)

To put it another way, I'm tempted to crack open my mower battery, just to see if I could bodge up a connector so I could also use it to power an e-bike.  But it would be awesome if I didn't have to "hack" it, and could instead just buy an official connector/holder that I could permanently attach to my bike.

Disclaimer:  I don't actually own an e-bike at this time.  But I'd like to, especially if I didn't have to buy that overpriced $500 battery for it.
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I have enough batteries now that I didn't mind sacrificing the warranty on one of them last year to give this a try. Works great. I get between 10-15 miles per charge with a 5 Ah. I'm looking forward to getting back to commuting to work this way as the weather continues to improve. 
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That's great!  Something that I have wanted to do for awhile but other projects have put this one behind.  Someday...someday...

Can you attach some pictures and let us know how you built it?  The more details the better!
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Yes, please share with the class.
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Sure, I can post a picture when I get a chance.

I went with a BBSHD mid-drive kit.

I didn't have a huge budget so I was looking for a relatively inexpensive hardtail with an ok front suspension and hydraulic disk brakes. I ended up with a Trek Marlin 5.

The build was relatively straightforward. The only hard part was making sure the motor was securely mounted. I made a battery mount that attaches to the water bottle cage mount. I also replaced the tires with Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires to ease my fears of a blowout a bit. 

I'm considering getting a rear rack and moving the battery there. 

Overall it works great. I have some pretty significant altitude changes between my house and work so riding a regular bike takes quite a while and ends with me being soaking wet. With the E-bike, it makes the whole ride seem as if it's on level ground. I'm also able to keep my speed up reasonably high so I only add 10 min max to the commute vs a car. 
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Darn I just sold my Trek Marlin 5 for an e-bike! So how long does this battery last for you - (big or small batt - forgot the specs) how often do u recharge ?do u have a controller ? Can you vary speed ?
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Hi RDave

Can you please post photos of your EGO bike conversion...How did you connect the battery to the motor? 
Can't wait to see photos and get more info and details about what motor you used??