I need another expensive 5.0ah battery for the $598 snowblower but its not cost effective...

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I purchased an EGO lawn mower with a 5.0ah battery & charger HOWEVER, if I now purchase a snowblower with no battery or charger I have to purchase another 5.0ah battery which costs $298. It is less expensive to purchase your snowblower which includes a charger and 2 5.0ah batteries @ a cost of $797. than to buy the "tool only" snowblower for $598. with another $298 battery equals $896. (+ another $13 for HST). Your battery pricing is forcing me to purchase the complete kit which is approx. $100 less yet what do I do with an extra charger & 1 battery especially if I won't need the snowblower much??
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Posted 1 month ago

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Yup - kits are a great deal.  Tool and battery at a fantastic price. 

You can
1) keep all the batteries, so you will never have to wait for recharging.  I am happy to have "too many" batteries.  Always have one charged and ready to go.  And with 3 batteries all of your future Ego purchases can be bare tool if you so desire.
2) sell the extra battery
3) gift the extra battery

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Agree. Never have too many batteries. I have 2 and want a 3rd. They do go bad after awhile.
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How long did the battery last ? The other answer was not helpful.
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I ended up with several chargers and batteries from buying a lawn mower, a blower, and a weed whip, so I put them all on a wall and can keep several batteries on the go during mowing season.

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nice set up Timothy
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Great thought on adding that little strip at the top. I have a similar set up with 3 rapid chargers on a piece of plywood hung on a French cleat but hate that the charger lifts off the screws when I pull the battery up. Nicely done!
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by the 16 Inch Chainsaw which comes with the 5.0 ah battery :-)
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Now there is a creative solution. 
Peter you can buy the chain saw or 580 blower with a 5.0 battery
Then buy the bare tool snow blower.
good thinking Joe

Personally I went the other way and got a snow blower with 2 batteries and a 580 blower kit.  Already had the mower, so now I have 4 batteries which means 2 sets for the snow blower for those bigger snow falls.
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Always buy kits because of the pricing and the extra batteries can be really handy, especially when you're performing heavy yard maintenance a couple time a year. As for extra chargers, I set them up strategically to be able to recharge wherever without going far. Beats walking all the way around the house to recharge. These batteries won't lass forever even with a 3 year warranty.
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Peter, the advice to get another kit with a 5Ah battery is good.  For not much more than the battery itself you can have another tool as well as a backup charger.

Do you have any other Ego tools, or just the mower?  The snowblower will run with a 5Ah and 2.5Ah battery, but it'll be down on power slightly with about 25% reduced run time.  That might not be a big deal if you have a small driveway.
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Where are you located? In the U.S., the 5.) Ah battery is $220 at Home Depot and Amazon. Still pricey, but better than $298.

That said, as others have said, there are some great tools for not much more than that that come with the battery and charger.
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$298 Canadian Pesos.