How does the mower overload protection work?

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To prevent damage due to overload conditions, do not try to remove too much grass at one time. Slow down your cutting pace or raise the cut height.Your mower has built-in overload circuit protection. When the mower is overloaded, the power indicator on the mower will blink orange. The mower can endure a short time of overload. You can slow your speed to reduce the load; otherwise the protection circuit will shut off the mower automatically. Release the bail handle, wait for a few seconds and try again.

For more information on the mower lights and the overload protection, this video may help.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Can you confirm exactly how long the reset period is? My mower overloads constantly if I go more than 2-3 days without cutting my thick Bermuda lawn, and the reset time seems to vary from around 2-5 minutes per shutoff.

This constant shutting off is while moving at a snail's pace with a freshly sharpened blade and a clean, dry, silicone-treated deck, and when only removing 1/3" of growth. It easily doubles the amount of time my yard takes to cut, and has become a major drawback of converting to the Ego mower.

Any advice for minimizing downtime due to overloads?
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JVA, this post is a year old and it's about the 20" mower. The 21" mower (which is COMPLETELY different in regard to overloading) wasn't even announced yet then!

I'm quite sure we've got more current discussion threads that are specific to the 21" if you search or look around this site. You will probably get more responses from people who have your mower model if you post in one of those.

I now have the self-propelled version of the LM2102SP, and I have not been able to make the mower overload once yet when using the 7.5Ah battery. Do you have the push or self-propelled mower? The 21" push version has a slightly more powerful motor (700w vs 600w in the 20") but the SP has a 1000w dedicated blade motor (not shared with self propel motor) so it is nearly 50% more powerful than the push version.

Also, the battery you use makes a huge difference. While I can't make mine overload with the 7.5Ah battery, the 2.5Ah overloads constantly. The push version typically (perhaps exclusively, but possibly not) comes with a 5.0Ah battery, so it is only middle of the road in terms of load handling.

If you have the push version and are still within the return period, I would definitely exchange it for the self propelled mower. The price difference between the mower kits is less than the difference between the 5.0 and 7.5Ah batteries, plus you get a more powerful (and self-propelled) mower.

If by chance you already have the SP version, I would call Ego support because a well-maintained Ego 21" SP mower definitely shouldn't be overloading that much, if at all!
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Maybe you have a defective unit.  If it's not that big a deal to return to the store, if it were me, I'd return it for refund and try another unit.  I wouldn't even bother with calling Ego as there is nothing they can do over the phone to resolve such an issue for you.
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Definitely call Ego before returning to the store if you're having issues with any Ego product! We've had people here that exchanged multiple times for something that turned out to be operator error. What a waste for everyone!

Perhaps more importantly, I believe someone said that Home Depot doesn't indicate a return reason for returned mowers that are sent back to Ego for credit. So then they have to blindly figure out what was wrong with it (or anything at all, like if someone falsely claims a mower is defective). If you call Ego before returning then they can make a note of the issue for when Home Depot sends it back.

Not taking the time to contact Ego may cause you to unnecessarily exchange a perfectly fine unit, but also will definitely make things harder for Ego's quality control and engineering teams, which ultimately hurts us all!
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My EGO 20" 2013 version is out of warranty and there is no shop near me.  I want to either replace or bypass the sensor this point, as the mower is useless to me.  Does anyone know where the actual overload sensor is on the mower?
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I'm like 90% sure the battery t or d terminal tells the controllers what it's temp or data is. The controller then determines overload.

Do with this what you want. Disconnecting the t terminal may do the trick but I think it actually uses the D terminal which will likely not function without D.

Your real only solution is to get a motor controller to replace the brains. You will not get battery warnings if you do this not battery low warning. You will need to push the button to find out if it's running low.

Your battery is likely old or your blade is really dull.
Make sure your blade is razor sharp. If it is fine, then the battery is likely old and dying. If you have multiple batteries you can check it this way.