HOW-TO: brush cutter blade for the Multi-Tool (STA1500 attachment)

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Ego does not endorse modifying equipment; doing so will void your warranty.

Ego Europe has a brush cutter blade (ABB1203), but has not yet brought it to the US market (and doesn't have a date).

Technical Discussion:
  • The PH1400 has a 2000W motor, which is way more than what's required for the string trimmer head, and should be the same as the Euro model.
  • The STA1500 has a lower removable section of the debris shield; which is probably so that you can remove it when attaching the brush cutter blade.
  • Ego does not offer the adapter parts (rider plate, and nut), but they are available on Amazon (not listing what I ordered until I have confirmed they are the correct ones, but there are references in the YouTube description and comments).
Ego, please bring the brush cutter blade and parts over to the US market (pretty please)!

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YouTube video (NOT mine):

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Want!  I'm glad that video isn't yours with the guard free operation!  I wish they would just bring the cutter over here already. The power is impressive to say the least.  
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circular saw on a stick
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Using the circular saw option, I might want the extra stand off distance of the EP7500 extension... =)

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That's just what the Dr. ordered!  I'm gonna have me a lot of brush to clear and that's just the scratch I'm gonna need for my itch!  :-)

The extra power when using the weed trimmer head is a dead giveaway that this machine has a lot more to offer.  .095" line just breaks off when you stuff it into some tough brush, and the only way to get it to bog down is if weeds and vines get wrapped around the head and bind it up.  This machine is a beast in every sense of the word.
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Summary: Equivalent setup to the ABB1203 brush cutter blade for the STA1500

Amazon Parts:
1) 10" blade:
2) Generic Stihl parts kit:

Tools Required:
Factory STA1500 tool to remove the rapid reload head nut
19mm socket to tighten the new nut
5mm hex driver to remove the lower half of the guard

Technical Details: The STA1500 shaft is LEFT hand threaded.

Technical Discussion: The ABB1203 blade is 30cm, which is 11.8".  I chose to use the smaller 10" blade so that the load on the PH1400 multi-tool is reduced.  However, given the 2000W motor, I'm confident that the PH1400 could drive a 12" blade.

Assembly Tips: On the last step, when you tighten the rider plate and nut to the blade, you will want to make sure that the rider plate is fairly centered to reduce vibration from being slightly off-center.

Manual: Use the manual for the ABB1203 brush cutter blade

Note: Comment is above the related picture.

Complete KIT.  The included adapter ring is NOT used.

Complete adapter KIT.  The thrust washer (splined washer) is NOT used.

Required parts: 10" blade, rider plate, LH self-locking nut

Disassembly: use a hex wrench to stop the rotation of the assembly while you turn the nut.  Remember LEFT hand thread.  Note: I didn't take a picture earlier, so this is during assembly.

Remove the lower half of the guard.  Note: the three 5mm hex drive screws are captivated by the lower guard, so do not unscrew them all the way.

Lower guard removed.

Use the 5mm hex wrench to stop the rotation, then use the factory tool to loosen the TALL rapid reload nut.  LEFT hand thread!

Here is everything disassembled, and the order they go in.  Note the splined spacer closest to the head, as well as the dust shield will be used, so you really do not need to remove them when installing the brush blade, just the lower half of the rapid reload head, washer and tall nut (and spring, and upper part of the head).

Here are the required parts, ready to reassemble, and the order they go in.

Note: this blade is bi-directional (so is the EGO ABB1203), so you can install it in either rotating direction.

19mm socket for the new self-locking LEFT HAND nut.

Assembly completed.  Ready to ROCK and ROLL!

Operational Report: I spun it to speeds 1 and 2 (full throttle) on the PH1400 head, very minimal vibration.  I didn't shoot a video, see the YouTube one in the first post.
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Thanks very much for the information.  I was able to swap back and forth with my Stihl combi before I sold it.  Might try the same this spring, but given limited time and ease of operation, would rather the brush cutter come to the states.
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Seems slightly dangerous not having a proper thrust washer securing the blade and just relying on the rider plate, no?
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I guess that depends on your definition of dangerous. (and how sturdy your boots are)