HOW-TO: Add a digital volt meter to the MOWER

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Ego does not endorse modifying equipment; doing so will void your warranty.

Added a digital volt and temperature meter to the 20" Gen 1 mower.

Ego's equipment does not have a traditional fuel meter.

Build Process:
1) setup and calibrate the meter
2) determine location for meter
3) add the digital meter; affixed using adhesive backed velcro
4) drill small hole for cable and temp probe routing
5) wire into mower (simply tapped off the +/- terminals
6) reassemble and test

A) Convenient to drop a battery in and immediately know about how much charge remaining
B) The temperature probe is measuring right above the motor, same area where the ring is located.

This is cool, end of story.  Ego, please add some sort of battery meter system to the mowers.

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Note: all the cut grass on top of the mower is because I didn't have the mulch plug, nor the bag attached when I did a quick test run around the yard.

Video of meter switching between: voltage, capacity, temperature

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Why? The mower already tells you when the battery falls below 15%, and it's time to charge. What does it matter if there is enough charge above that? You have the power you need. All you need is a heads up it is time to refill the battery. When the first light comes on, I can still finish up the long stripe I'm on. (I maybe even stubbornly push a couple more after that point. I have been known to carry a *very* sleepy battery back to its cradle.) As you know, electricity is time, not volume like gas. It's going to take as long as it's going to take to mow the lawn. Why obsesss about how much charge you're using in the process? On our place (~1.5 acres of heavy lawns+1/3 mile of paths) we solved the dying before we were done problem by just getting two batteries, (actually popped for another mower set to cut the chore time in half. That and the 2 five volts from the snow blower and we never need to worry.)
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