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So I bought the Ego hedge trimmer because I have a few things around the yard to keep in shape. One of which, and the largest, was a Nishiki Willow in the backyard.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when we realized a willow borer had taken charge and pretty much killed the tree. Now instead of using the trimmer to keep it in shape I was now going to use the trimmer to cut it down.

Here's what it looked like before I got started:

And here's what it looked like after attacking it for about 10 minutes with the hedge trimmer:

Half of the tree was still somewhat alive and the other half was completely dead and dried up. This meant I was cutting through everything from tiny little twigs that were still alive to three-quarter inch branches that were dead and woody.

This trimmer tore through all of it with ease! If I pushed on it a bit, it would rip through a whole section of branches and twigs without hesitation.

Only twice did I manage to stall the trimmer while hacking very quickly through a substantial branch. No drama and I just had to back off and restart the tool and it kept sawing away till I got through the other side.

After pulling out the shears and the sawzall we were left with this:

We are going to let it grow for a few weeks and see how it looks, and if it doesn't look like it's going to turn into something treelike we'll cut it down and get another one.

I bought this trimmer never intending to use it for anything nearly this heavy and came away thoroughly impressed with how much power and cutting capacity it actually has. I cannot imagine needing more power or capacity than what this thing offers for any type of residential use.

As far as I'm concerned this is a homerun product and I'm absolutely satisfied with the way it works.
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  • happy with the trimmer, sad our beautiful tree had to go

Posted 5 years ago

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Thanks for the review. As usual top notch.
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Got the 15" trimmer yesterday.  Tried it out today.  Boy does this thing have power.  It could easily tear my fence posts apart if I didn't watch it.  It's hard to tell where the string extends out to.  It's probably because it was my first time using it.  A guard would be good.

I knew this would be a problem when I thought about buying it but man, I'm terrible at trying to edge with the thing.  It's almost like one side of the string hits the grass at a different angle than the other.