Frustrated with Ego Repair Times and Lack of Options During Repair

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Let me begin by saying that I am a fan of Ego and love its products. I own four 7.5 Ah batteries, the lawnmower, the snow blower, the string trimmer, and the hedge trimmer. All have served me well.

When it comes to warranty support however, I am very disappointed in Ego. I took our mower out for the first time this season today, and it would not start. I called Ego and was told to swing by Home Depot, who could repair it. I arrived at Home Depot and was told the unit needs to be shipped out, and minimum turnaround time is six weeks. I confirmed with Ego again on the phone that I have no other options, and that this is correct.

A warranty on a lawnmower that takes 6+ weeks to use is near-worthless. I can't go six weeks without mowing my lawn, so my options are to buy another lawnmower, or pay someone else to mow my lawn, neither of which is reasonable. I realize I could buy another lawnmower and return it later -- but that doesn't seem fair to the retailer or whatever manufacturer I choose to "support."

If Ego cannot provide on-site local service, they need to work something out with Home Depot to provide loaner mowers while things are being repaired. Until then, they should do what I've seen other companies and retailers do: take a credit card deposit, send me a refurbished item, and then refund my deposit when my item arrives for repair. I asked the customer service rep to accommodate this and was told it was not possible.

This experience has left me with the conclusion that the only reliable way to use Ego products is to own two of them.
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I like your loaner mower idea.  I am always hesitant, however, to turn my unit in for a refurbished replacement.   I hate give away a good motor that I have taken care not to abuse, bog down, overheat, or hit rocks and roots because a wire broke in the handle.  

One thing does come to mind, I have read here that the Home Depots that have tool rentals can repair the mower.  If the HD you took the mower to does not, it may be worth an internet search to find one near you that does have a tool rental.  Then give them a call and explain the situation.   

I hope you can work something out for getting your mower back.  Good luck.     
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If this is how they wana play, buy a new one, 21" on a hd credit card, and when yours is done with repair, return the one you bought. Its unacceptable and you can help force ego to sever ties with HD by doing this. Sorry ego but its mow season.
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Agree with Jacob's plan (especially the part where the HD credit card has 1 year vs. 90 days for returns).  At some point, they (HD/Ego) will figure out that a lot of KITs are being return for that very reason, and they will need to address the situation.  Or maybe in the big scheme of things, they have already decided it is more cost effective to ship units off for repair, rather than put a trained and qualified technician in each and every HD store.
Same goes for the release of the Power Head Kits, why in the world would you release the tool first, and then the kits, because surely there will be many returns next week once the kits start showing up on people's door step.  I'm sure there are people out there who feel that returning perfectly good equipment just to get a price break (or extra battery at a discount) is not the "right" thing to do; however, it is the way that Home Depot (and Ego) have setup the game, so if you're playing by the rules they setup, what's the harm in that?
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If my Ego mower ever needs to be repaired and the turnaround time is more than two weeks, that is absolutely the route I'm going to take, and I won't feel bad about it one bit. Home Depot really needs to step up its game if it's going to offer a repair service.
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Well I am wimp, I would just let the grass grow and enjoy the vacation from cutting grass.  All I have is weeds anyhow.   Actually my yard is small enough I would just use the line trimmer on it.  But I have to agree those turn around times are bad, and I can't fault anyone for using the system as it is set up.  
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The repair service described is a "Return to Depot" offering and often are provided with a "Cross Ship" option that Robby described. To me, this is a VERY basic service offering. Considering the number of devices that are getting returned because of the policy approaches they certainly have refurbished units available.

However, I also discovered that there is a distribution network beyond HD. I discovered it this past week when one of the members posted having puchased the new Power Head, Trimmer, Edger kit (I will find out Monday or Tuesday when I will get it but they felt within a week). I called RCPW and they indicated they were getting supply through their distributor. That would suggest that many other traditional mower shops will have access to supplies etc.

I would like to hear from EGO directly on this.
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Buying And returning is completely fair to the vendor .
HD won't eat ANY loss on this arrangement. The manufacturer will. And if they do, the sooner they will work out a better arrangement.
We're the consumers here.
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Me too! Carried my mower to Home Depot for repair. Called the number this morning to check on it and was told "it's still in transit to Atlanta!" Jeez! Over two weeks now and it hasn't arrived at the repair center! There's got to be a better solution than that. Love my EGO products for sure but sending it from Waco, TX for service in Atlanta? C'mon Man!
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I wonder, what level of repair can HD perform? Could they change the equivalent of a fuse, or does everything get shipped out no matter what?

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