First Impression EGO 21" Self-Propelled (LM2102SP)

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My old mower is a 17 year old Honda HRB215 Harmony. Reviews on HD and posts here helped me decide to pick up the EGO and at least give it the 90 day trial. I have a 1/4 acre lot but landscaped so not all grass to mow. I'm in the Chicago area and we had some rain recently so the grass was pretty damp. Some grass in the backyard was 9" but most at 6-7" (I haven't cut the lawn for little over a week).

Here are my first impressions and suggestions welcomed to help on next cut:

  • Battery lasted for my whole lawn (45-60 min.). I did minimize self-propelled on this first cutting.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Quiet.
  • Even in my longest grass it never bogged down at all - my Honda would have (but think that's because my Honda is a true mulcher and tall grass gets trapped in it).
  • Like that I can raise the deck to 6". I always had to leave the honda on the highest setting.
  • Very nice to not have to pull start the mower every time you need to stop. Just push the button and you are ready to go.
  • Last night I cut a small area with the light. Surprisingly it worked well - it's not just a gimmick.
  • My wife like it!

  • My biggest issue is even in the middle of the cut path seems like some of the grass got pushed over and not cut leaving very uneven cut. Like the blade is dull??? This could be a show stopper.
  • Self-propelled isn't instant, take a second or so to kick in.
  • There were a few leaves on the ground and the EGO just left them there - my Honda would have mulched them right up.
  • Wish there was a 2.5 setting. 3 is a little tall and 2 is too short.

Overall I'm impressed, but, will give it another try. The unevenness is unacceptable - I may try sharpening the blade.

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Posted 3 years ago

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The blade sharpness is a commonly noted issue.

The metal used for Ego's blades is softer than my old Honda blades, so the blades need to be sharpened more often. Since the edge of a razor sharp blade will dull faster than a slightly less sharp blade, the sharper you keep the blade the more often you will have to sharpen it. Which is probably why the factory blade on new mowers (or new blades) is not all that sharp.

If you decide to keep the mower, I recommend buying a second blade to swap out to make installing a sharp blade easier when you need it. I put a freshly sharpened blade on every 2-3 mows.

As for suction, there is a new high lift blade that is out of stock most places now but should be available again in a few weeks. It isn't intended for mulching, but there are reports of people using it with the mulching plug with results they were pleased with.
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Moderators please delete this post I put it here in error. I reposted it in the lawn mower section.


David - thanks, I will look for the new blade.

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Michael, thanks for the review!

As David Cline mentions, dull blades are commonly the cause of substandard cutting. Sharpen it good!

Also, if your grass was that long that's probably why the cur was not great. If you're cutting your grass to 3" the highest you should let it grow before cutting is 4" (cut max 1/3 of the grass height off). You may need to cut more often in the spring to keep it under control.
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Agree with blue.  A lower pre cut height along with drier conditions should improve the cut consistency.  Good luck and post again after your second mowing.