First Impression EGO 21" Self-Propelled (LM2102SP)

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(Sorry newbie posted this in incorrect section - praise)

My old mower is a 17 year old Honda HRB215 Harmony. Reviews on HD and posts here helped me decide to pick up the EGO and at least give it the 90 day trial. I have a 1/4 acre lot but landscaped so not all grass to mow. I'm in the Chicago area and we had some rain recently so the grass was pretty damp. Some grass in the backyard was 9" but most at 6-7" (I haven't cut the lawn for little over a week).

Here are my first impressions and suggestions welcomed to help on next cut:

  • Battery lasted for my whole lawn (45-60 min.). I did minimize self-propelled on this first cutting.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Quiet.
  • Even in my longest grass it never bogged down at all - my Honda would have (but think that's because my Honda is a true mulcher and tall grass gets trapped in it).
  • Like that I can raise the deck to 6". I always had to leave the honda on the highest setting.
  • Very nice to not have to pull start the mower every time you need to stop. Just push the button and you are ready to go.
  • Last night I cut a small area with the light. Surprisingly it worked well - it's not just a gimmick.
  • My wife like it!

  • My biggest issue is even in the middle of the cut path seems like some of the grass got pushed over and not cut leaving very uneven cut. Like the blade is dull??? This could be a show stopper.
  • Self-propelled isn't instant, take a second or so to kick in.
  • There were a few leaves on the ground and the EGO just left them there - my Honda would have mulched them right up.
  • Wish there was a 2.5 setting. 3 is a little tall and 2 is too short.

Overall I'm impressed, but, will give it another try. The unevenness is unacceptable - I may try sharpening the blade.


Sharpened the blade and seems somewhat better. Original grind looked like "skip-planing" on hardwood boards. Surprised they didn't provide a better blade.

Took out the Honda and went over the same section and my wife was right, the back yard is a bit bumpy (dogs) and the Honda leaves some of the same unevenness. The Honda also leaves a trail of clumpy grass behind at the wheels that the EGO doesn't.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Before you give up on it, add another $22 to get the high lift blade, it solves that suction/lift problem for me, which was my only negative with the mower.

(If you can find one that is, Amazon is out of stock now and Ego doesn't seem to know where they are on this)

It's a mystery why Amazon can get some but nobody else.....

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Welcome to the EGO family, Michael! Thanks so much for giving us such great feedback. :-) 
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I've cut my lawn twice using the middle height setting (about 4" as measured from the flat garage floor to the bottom of the deck matching the height of the JD I used for 7 years) and I have no complaints with the cut and how it looks.  I keep reading about this mysterious "high lift" blade and can't find it on Amazon or EGO's web site.  Who makes it?  USAF Retired
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AB2101 on Amazon; it says 1 to 2 months, but sometimes it is back in stock before then; if you really want it, I would place an order (they don't charge until shipment):

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I also spent a few months filling in the low spots and knocking down the high spots in my yard, and now the Ego (like any mower) cuts everything nice and even.
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Updated review: 

I've had this mower for almost a month now. After sharpening the blade and using the mower a few times all my cons listed above are gone.

My Honda Harmony would go through almost a full tank of fuel to mow it (0.3 gal. tank). I know the grass is thinning a bit from the heat but I couldn't believe it when I was able to get two mowings on one battery charge and the light is still green!

Added minus is not knowing the battery life and silly high price of the replacement 7.5Ahr battery. I know only time will tell for the former but EGO should do something with the later soon if they want to retain current owners and gain new ones.

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Great update!

So what do you figure then, about $1/cut with your old mower?