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First cut, first impressions:

Took advantage of the nice weather today and tried my new Ego LM2100 push mower, it was about 10:30AM, the sun was out and the temperature was around 45 degrees. The grass was a lush deep green, full of moisture from the rain and the cool weather we've had.

I removed the mulch plug, attached the rear bagging attachment and began on a small section (about 40'x4') that always seems to grow faster than the rest, it had reached a good 8 or 9 inches in length and I set the cut at the highest level (#6) and went back and forth readjusting the height until I was satisfied. This turned out to be level 3 and I finished the remainder of that side of the lawn at that height. I emptied the bag 3 times during this part of the lawn. Now I went to the main part of the front lawn (roughly 40'x50') and decided to lower the mower deck to level 2, I had looked back at the previous section it just looked too long yet. I finished the front lawn at this level and only had to empty the bag three more times, the bag, however, was noticeably fuller these times.


The trash bag I'm filling is 33 gallons and at completion of the front lawn the bag is only half full. When I mow the front lawn with my rider (with twin grass catching bags) I typically have to empty them at least three times just for the front and the amount of grass that would be collected would easily fill two+ 33 gallon trash bags. So now I'm wondering where all that grass disappeared to????

The Ego definitely has issues picking up leaves and other small debris from the lawn. When I'm done cutting my grass I like to see green and only green. I didn't get that satisfaction with my Ego. Needless to say the Ego doesn't much ability to “lift” and that may be where all my grass disappeared to.

I noticed quite a few uncut blades of grass. Might have been the thickness of the lawn, time will tell.

I popped the battery into the charger when I was done and the charger showed 25% so I assume I used 75% of the battery on the front alone. I don't know if this is due to the thickness of the grass of if the battery is defective. The charge level was 100% when I began. My entire lot is 85'x150', just under a 1⁄4 acre.

To it's credit it is lite and easy to maneuver. Height adjustment is wonderfully simple and easy. It's easy to push, with my fairly level lot the SP'd model would be a waste of money.

Final conclusion:

The primary reason I purchased the Ego was to get a mower that was lite so I could easily trim around things and get into tight areas. It does that but I have to ask myself if I needed to spend $500 to achieve that end? A smaller, less expensive battery powered mower could achieve the same thing. Will I be returning it to Home Depot? I don't know, I'm going to give it a few more goes before I make my final judgment.

Sorry for rambling.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Rob, don't worry about rambling, it's all constructive feedback!

I can only guess as to why your Ego is picking up less grass than your riding mower. It may have something to do with the nature of the dual purpose blade? Perhaps some of the clippings are getting chopped up and finding their way into the turf?

Are you able to see the clippings at all when you're done cutting?

I would be inclined to try the mower out a few times with more regular type cutting before making a judgement on cut quality. Also, the blades as-delivered are not as sharp as they could be, a good sharpening will improve cut quality as well.

As far as run time goes, given how long your grass was and that you made multiple passes it's hard to say. Once again, give it a try during routine mowing. A sharp blade also helps the mower's run time, so that could help.

Hint: if you think you may want to return your mower DO NOT try the 15" Ego string trimmer. If you do try it, I predict you will end up with a whole fleet of Ego tools. ;-)
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Agreed on the trimer comment. Its just amazing.
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Blue, I went out as suggested and look for stray blades of grass and yes there are some. I didn't get on my hands and knees mind you (there's no one here to help me up!) so I don't know if any are hiding down in the depths. But I will admit I didn't take just the advised 1/3 of the blade length. So that could be part of the problem as well. I will be giving it a few more goes and truth be known I'll most likely keep it. I just hope the battery time gets better, at $250.00 apiece one would expect that I could cut my entire lawn are at least 75% of it.

One thing I neglected to mention in my observations is how well built the mower is, I doubt there's another cordless mower out there that can hold a candle to it.
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It is a solidly built machine, for sure!

Let us know how things work out.
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Rob, I hope the mower works for you. I too did a write up from my first cut of the year and then subsequent cuts. The first few cuts were from very early Spring and my tall fescue lawn wasn't in it's prime. The new mower did very well and there were few blades of grass left standing after using it.

Fast forward to now when my lawn is at it's thickest, I can see the problems with the lift system or lack there of. I have very soft grass but even after raking it to get it to stand up, I can go back right after a cut and see that the mower is laying a lot of it down so it gets matted.

Luckily, I also have the original which cuts a little lower and it seems to do a better job on my more lift but I guess the shorter cut height works a little better. I usually cut at full height with the new mower.

So I have a new $639 mower that isn't actually doing the job I bought it for.....lift my grass and properly cut it to 4" tall.

Yeah, looks like it's going back. I can buy quite a few other things with that money. For the cut quality I am getting, the original works fine. No real lift either way when the going gets rough.