EGO Power Washer with Wheels

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When do you think we can expect an EGO Power Washer which will deliver at least 2,500 to 3,000 psi? My concrete driveway is black, and slippery when wet.  PLEASE help!  Soon!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Official Response
Hi JG! We're changing this from a "Question" to an "Idea," so that we can better track it in the future. This is a fantastic suggestion and we'll definitely be passing it along to our development team. 
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Yes! I want a power washer with or without wheels.
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WORX has a "Hydroshot Portable Power Washer" they call it. Is there any hope that EGO will do the same? Need a Power Washer and do not want to purchase another brand.
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The Worx is pretty weak. I tried it and returned it. Not good for much beyond washing your car.

I think the trouble is it just takes too much power to move water under that kind of pressure effectively, and Ego doesn't want to make a tool if they can't do it right.
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The pressure washer is exactly what is needed to compliment the blower. Please make this a reality. 
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I need a power washer now! Don't want to buy another brand as I already have a EGO snow blower, leaf blower, mower and hedge trimmer. Please consider moving on this now!! Thankful for EGO!!
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Sun Joe has a supposedly 1160 psi totally cordless pressure washer so it's possible with EGO's Superior batteries. Let's hope something comes out soon!
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GREAT idea! Put me down for one!
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Is EGO planning on coming out with a power washer that is battery-powered (hence cordless) and not encumbered by connecting to the hose?  Example:  battery-powered + a water tank that can be tranported portably, perhaps on a backpack, to do remote power washing.  Granted, backpack with water tank would result in more weight, but I think there would be many interested buyers, like me.
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So today I had to rebuild the carb on my pressure washer, change out the oil and plug as well as the plug wire before i could even use it. I've always been fond of a gas powered washer because of the volume and pressure it could get.
The idea didn't hit me till i was in the shower planing out my Friday......why am i still messing with a gasoline powered pressure washer, my ego products work so well that i didn't even realize how much of a time saver they are, or how much less i have to do to maintain.
Why doesn't Ego come out with a pressure washer that is at least almost equivalent with a gas powered version. Obviously the gas powered has the torque to turn the pump, but i think that problem could be solved  with dual batteries and more winding on the armature.
i could have been done with this task so much sooner had i not had to waste hours running around to get parts. 
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battery powered equipment has way more torque than gas does just FYI.  gas is honestly pretty weak stuff. 

battery life is not going to be even feasible with an ego system. you would get like 10-20 minutes on four 5 ah batteries and it would be expensive. 

just get a 120 V powered pressure washer. i like mine. simple blue thing.  100 bucks
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When it comes to pure pressure, electric units have an upper limit of about 2000 PSI. This is because you can only get so much out of a 15-amp electric motor. Usually, the numbers are in the ballpark of 1500 to 1800 PSI, but that’s pretty much it.

Despite the power delivery there are several types of motors electric pressure washers have. For instance, you can get induction motors which are water-cooled because they circulate it around the engine before releasing it through the hose. Also, some feature axial cam design pumps while the more expensive (and heavy-duty) models have triplex plunger pumps.

As far as gas-powered pressure washers are concerned even the cheapest models beat the amount of PSI most electric pressure washers offer (at least on paper). With a gas-powered unit you’re usually looking at something between 2000 and 2500 PSI at the bottom end of the market.

Most models produce around 2800 PSI, and there are even some high-end models that deliver 4000 or more. I have come across some commercial-grade gas-powered pressure washers that churn out a massive 7000 PSI, but these are strictly for professionals.

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