Ego nexus escape and hot glue gun

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I tried using my Ego Nexus Escape with a hot glue gun (rated at 40 Watts on the plate, measured to draw up to 50 watts upon startup, but going down to 40 watts quickly with a kill-a-watt meter).

Unfortunately, as soon as I plug in the hot glue gun in the "high" (40 watt) setting, the power light on the Nexus flashes red and the unit shuts down.

I was hoping that since the hot glue gun is basically a restive load that should look like a 40 watt lightbulb, the 150 watt rated Nexus would have no problems powering it. (Saving me from having to run a long extension cord.)

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The hot glue gun has a "warm / hot" selection switch, which probably controls something like a light dimmer circuit, so I guess that circuit is interacting with the square wave power and somehow not working for the Nexus.

I was disappointed to find that a load that draws 40-50 watts would immediately shut down the Nexus, which is supposed to be able to provide 150 watts.
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Thanks for this. I just had to go out and try my glue gun with this. Worked just fine. It's a jillion year old Stanley GR35K single heat glue gun. Rated to 14 watts. I like to make wine bottle cork crafts so I'll have to further test it and see how long a battery will last. 
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My hot glue gun appears to work fine in the "low" setting, which is around 9-10 watts, although the Nexus is delivering a square wave so infrequently that the Kill-A-Watt measures the HZ as "DC". (Since I don't have any low temp glue sticks, I can't verify that it is actually reaching the temperature that is needed...but at least it didn't shut down and the KAW showed watts being delivered/used)

Still...a derating factor of 10x (150 watts -> 15 watts) is what I'd expect from a cheap chinese inverter I got off of Ebay....

Perhaps if I can find a "single heat" hot glue gun (40 W) it will have nothing but a resistor inside and work better with the Nexus...
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Interesting.  I'm just guessing, but I wonder if the switch in your gun simply switches two 20W elements from parallel (40W) to series (10W)?  If so, it should look like a resistive load no matter which setting its in.

I wonder if maybe there's an issue with one of the gun's switch contacts or something?  It makes no sense that the Nexus wouldn't power a purely resistive load.  Did you try plugging the gun in before switching on the Nexus?  Just wondering whether there's some sort of spark or inductance that's messing with it when the plug makes contact.

I have a variable temperature soldering iron station I should try it on.  If I get a chance tomorrow I'll report back.
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The glue gun works fine on house AC. I tried plugging the gun in and then pressing the power button, as well as pressing the power button and then plugging the gun in. (Both times the switch was in the "hot" position.)

When I plug in the gun with the switch in the "warm" position, the nexus works until I change the switch to the hot position, at which point the same red flashing light occurs and the power output disappears.