Ego Handheld Commercially Part 2 plus Commercial Ego products

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A short continued update from yesterday.

I have two trucks running and although some equipment is duplicated there is some difference.

15" trimmer with Speed feed head: Nice and better half loves it. I do enjoy the weight...and at certain times of the year it performs better than others. Bulletproof reliability. Lows are few but ultimately caused me to leave it off my truck. Not enough power. Really a ways behind the power head unit. Plus it spins the wrong way...but can be changed to spin the correct way easily enough.

575 cfm Blower: Bulletproof but not a great improvement over the 530 but a little more power hungry. The 530 cfm running with a 7.5ah battery is my day to day combo.

Backpack Blower: Bulletproof performance. For short work NOTHING beats a handheld blower....don't let anybody kid you. But for bigger jobs NOTHING beat a backpack blower. I have enough 7.5 and 5ah batteries to run this thing for a long time so on big jobs it works for me. But really this has a narrow area that it really out performs their handheld models. Average homeowner I'd pass. Big leaf country I'd pass. Commercial guy not in leaf country.....worth it.

Backpack Battery Link: For me.....yes. Really useful with the power head unit as it takes some weight out of your hands plus allows you to run the 7.5ah while easily carrying it on your back. Useful accessory but may not be targeting the average homeowner.

Now on to their commercial line.

Like most of you I have only seen the previews on line. No first hand experience....but here goes.

Mixed feelings.....

I am most excited about the backpack battery. 28ah at 19 or so pounds. At $1200 a piece, a seemingly steep price, I will bite and if it performs well I may very well take a few bites. This will really compliment the power head unit already available in large trimming jobs or brush work assuming battery link will work with the commercial cord. If it is not compatible with existing Ego equipment I will buy exactly zero of these.

The commercial blower seems to duplicate the performance of their backpack blower.....therefore not really beating the 580 cfm handheld available now. Unless their current models, that I currently own, have sudden catastrophic failures I will pass.....but in saying a moment of boredom and after hearing glowing reviews I may bite.

The commercial hedge trimmer has some nice improvements....blade quality, gear box and cut capacity. But....and it's a deal crushing but.....The cord is a non starter with me. As I was flicking my current brushless model with 2.5ah battery around today enjoying how easy it is to use I am convinced a corded version will never fit my needs while other designs are available. I would go back to gas first. Ego really just needed to look at the UK version...tweak it a little by leaving the unnecessary twist handle off and then improving the gearbox.....and done. A light, two speed commercial model running the 2.5ah would be a dream.

The commercial string trimmer.....?????????????????????????????
Although I enjoy using the backpack link at times I don't want that as my only option. I do believe that the carbon shaft will be lighter and stronger but I don't believe it will be more resistant to dings, scrapes and rubs. Aluminum shafts are nearly perfect for a host of reasons. Non speed feed head????????? Maybe as big a miss, at least for me , as the hedge trimmer.

So at least for me, at first blush, mostly a miss.

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Again, it’s always neat to see a pro’s perspective on these tools. Thanks!

I wondered the same thing with the pro line - why no option to put a battery on the tool? I guess their thinking is, you put the battery on your back the minute you get out of the truck and never take it off. On large jobs this makes sense, but maybe on smaller jobs the “battery on tool” design would be more handy?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!
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"Although I enjoy using the backpack link at times I don't want that as my only option." Yes, that's an interesting take. Perhaps too much focus on maintaining power through the day for the commercial line and not always how it will be used. You're on your way out and notice you miss a spot...instead of just getting the tool you have to also grab the backpack. Perhaps an argument for the positive that the residential line still has a place for light commercial use alongside the commercial line.
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Ego has excellent residential lawn care equipment available right now. Their products followed closely in form and function to their gas competitors which is a good thing. Once I dipped my toe in and started to realize the benefits of running electric equipment I geared, and and more importantly, batteried up and gave it a shot. The durability was an unknown, and quite frankly , was a pleasant surprise.

I would not have bought a single piece of Ego equipment if I had to have a cord running to a battery on my back......just as I would never buy a piece of gas equipment if I had to have the gas tank on my back.

Truthfully I wouldn't have jumped in at $1600 to try an electric trimmer.....and yet with Egos commercial line that is the choice they are giving pros. Now I know you can buy a backpack battery link and as long as the plug ins are the same you could run a smaller battery....but that misses the mark.

Ego really could have easily improved upon their existing designs....easily....easily...easily...rolled out their improved designs to pros......kept their already superior battery platform....and been off to the races. Their 28ah battery should be an accessory to excellent pro level tools....not your only choice.

So, at least for me, their commercial system is D.O.A. Maybe the star will be the the battery pack, as an accessory, to the already pretty good power head system.

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Images like this(from UK site) should provide hope that the new battery pack will plug into the existing dummy battery and thus be able to be used with the residential line of tools.

Also the battery link back pack is sold as part of the commercial line and states it is compatible with all ego tools including the commercial line.  So hopefully North American commercial line follows that design.

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I will definitely continue to use and benefit from using Egos residential based products....with proper care, expectations and knowing their limits they suit me just fine. I hope they continue to offer an expanding line of commercial products.

Electric equipment, at least currently, is best served in low to mid range power applications. In this segment they can dominate. Line trimmer, hedge trimmer, handheld blowers, etc. They are not ready for big power applications such as mowers and backpack blowers. For example the current Ego backpack blower blows at about 20 newtons while big gas models blow at about 45 newtons.

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Hi Jeremy, nice writeup - thank you!

My first tool was the EGO hedge trimmer. I have owned, and still own, a Little Wonder corded hedge trimmer for many years. It's a commercial quality tool and a great product. It's better built and more durable than the EGO. The Little Wonder is also more expensive too. But I can't see myself ever dragging out the long extension cord to use it.   I'm very surprised that EGO would bring out a corded hedger.

BTW - I know this post was only about handheld tools - but do you own any mowers? Seems like the majority of product problems here are batteries and mowers.    


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Frank, unless I misunderstood I think the hedge trimmer isn't really a corded tool but attaches to the cord from the backpack battery. Not really a corded tool but only referred to as corded because it attaches to the backpack, but doesn't use a cord to a wall outlet.