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I have no Ego products yet.  Id like to get the string trimmer, 575 blower and hedge trimmers.  Question about batteries.  Is the 5 Ah battery much more heavy than the 2.5?  Meaning, would using a 5Ah in the hedge trimmers be lopsided or to heavy?  Would using 2x 2.5Ah in things like the string trimmer and hedge trimmers be the best if you needed longer run time?
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Yes, the higher Ah means more weight; suggest the 2.5 Ah on string trimmer and hedge trimmer. There is an optional shoulder strap for some tools, but makes it less maneuverable. I have 2.5. 5.0 and 7.5 Ah batteries and generally prefer the lighter 2.5 for hand held tools and higher Ah batteries for wheeled tools such as mower or snowblower. Having multiple batteries makes finishing a job quicker, especially with the rapid charger. You will love the EGO tools and suggest buying kits vs. bare tools because batteries can be very expensive by itself.
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I wouldn't use my 5 ah batteries in my string trimmers, hedge trimmer, or leaf blower because the balance would feel off but I've tried one in my edger and it didn't feel heavy in the edger. Maybe because the business end of the edger sits on the ground so there isn't as much of a balancing act.
Out of curiosity I just weighed my 2 2.5 ah batteries and my 2 5 ah batteries.

2.5 ah batteries are 2 lb 14.5 oz and 2 lb 13.75 oz. Darn close to 3 lbs each.
5 ah batteries are 5 lb 3/8 oz and 5 lb 1/4 oz.

5 ah batteries are just a little bit more than 2 lbs heavier, but not nearly 3 lbs heavier.

So the 5 ah batteries are not twice as heavy as the 2.5 ah batteries. Probably don't need twice as much plastic (housing), electronics, etc to make a 5 ah battery.
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I move my batteries around based on time. I have 2 push mowers, (1 self propelled), blower, head w/trimmer edger and pole saw as attachments. I also, have hedge trimmer. After doing my own yard work for 47 years these are the best anywhere on the market. Key to success with these or any battery tools is to purchase a charger and battery with each. I have six batteries and chargers. Always have 5 charged and ready at any time. Can not use but one tool at a time, that makes me happy because my charged batteries are always waiting on me! I will be glad when my gas powered chain saw finally goes, I have had it for 15 years and use it 3 or 4 times per year, I never leave fuel in it and clean completely after each use and use ethanol free fuel only!
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I see you updated with ethanol free. That makes a difference; it may never die.
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Personally, I don't think a 5.0 Ah batter is too heavy for the blower or the string trimmer (you may need to re-balance the trimmer by moving the handle to a different location). My string trimmer even with the 7.5 Ah battery doesn't feel like it weighs any more than my old gas powered Craftsman trimmer. For the hedge trimmer though (I don't own it), I suspect you would want to stick with the 2.5Ah batteries. Having said all that, I prefer to use the 2.5Ah battery over the bigger batteries on these smaller tools.  
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Yes, the hedge trimmer should be used only with the 2.5Ah battery. Holding that tool at arm’s length is a workout even with the small battery.

The only string trimmer that needs a bigger battery is the Powerhead model, and only if you’re hitting some pretty dense growth. That machine has obscene power and can really use the larger battery. Same goes for edging with it if it’s the first time or the edge is not regularly maintained.
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I recently went through this myself, and my 575, 5AH battery and rapid charger arrived yesterday. The blower/battery is well balanced with this combination. It is fairly comfortable, you'll probably notice the weight after 25-30 mins (4.4KG / 9.7lbs). That's also how long the battery lasted me on my first use. The combination is just about perfect, i.e. the battery lasted long enough for one continuous use (for *my* arms).