Difference between LM-2000 and LM-2001?

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I see the current model lawn mower being sold is the LM-2001.  I have an LM-2000.  What are the differences and/or improvements made to the newer model?

I alos see that the blower have a new model as well...any changes or improvements over the old model?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi BT, thanks for your question. Those are actually the same lawn mowers. The LM2001 refers to the mower kit and the LM2000 refers to the mower itself.  This is also true for all of the other tools.  The blower model number LB4801 refers to the blower kit (battery and charger included) while the LB4800 refers to the blower itself.  We hope this helps clear up any confusion. We do not have any newer/updated versions of any of our tools at this time. 
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Ok what about
What is the differences between all those? I'm registering my new purchase and I did not know all those Models existed. Did I get the most Current...? What going on?
My Manual says LM2000-S
The box say LM2001
Pretty sure i read the LM2000-S is just the kit version of the LM2001 correct me if I'm wrong i get that but does that mean I have most current model and what abou all those other model numbers....?
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As far as I am aware, there are only two versions of the mower that share the same model number(s). The newer version has a fan between the blade and underside of the deck.

I can tell you that the LM2000-X is a newer kit which includes the mower, rapid charger, and 7.5ah battery, and is available now in the US at Home Depot and will be available in Canada in the spring.

The LM2002 was unfamiliar to me, but a Google search revealed that it is a kit that includes the mower, rapid charger, 5.0ah battery and 4.0ah battery. This may actually be a better deal for most people as you can charge one battery while using the other, and should have virtually unlimited continuous use except for stopping to swap batteries.



The bare mower is also available a la cart (LM2000-S), and the original kit with rapid charger and 4.0ah battery is LM2001. I believe at one point there was also a kit with the 5.0ah battery, but I am not able to find it anywhere at the moment.

So that accounts for most of the model number variants you listed, and hopefully Ego will provide an official list of all currently available kits at some point in the near future, or at least by early next spring.
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DC for the WIN! :-)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled 20" (LM2000) or 21" (LM2101) Lawn Mowers Comparison?.

Hi all-

I currently own a EGO Leaf Blower and Trimmer and am very happy so far with no complaints.

I'm in the market to buy a lawnmower for this season and like everyone else am tired of the gas and maintenance issues. I am younger and have a small yard so I have 5.0 battery will get me through a cut with no problem so I have narrowed my search to the 20" or 21" Push mowers..

1) Was there any significant changes between the 20" and 21" models (I know there have been other threads). And if not, isn't it kind of odd that both machines are the same price at Home Depot for $499 which tells me the 20" is pretty good? I would probably purchase the lower priced machine to save some money.

2) Does the 20" 5.0 battery model mulch any better? While mulching is not a must, I would like the ability to mulch given the conditions are okay, i.e. grass length, wet...I have read a number of complaints about the 21" lack of mulching capabilities...

3) I noticed the 20" mower is about 20% lighter than the 21" which I like being that it's a push mower. Am I sacrificing much power with the 20"?

Thanks in advance!

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Differences between LM2000 LM2100.

I'm struggling to understand any functional differences between these two models, other than aesthetic upgrades. Posts on the subject seem anecdotal. Are there any legit specs besides wider and heaver?

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