Design Flaw in EGO 56v String Trimmer

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I bought a 56v string trimmer @3 yrs ago. Within weeks it was overheating and EGO sent me a new one. That one made it through the season but the following spring I experienced the same issue and was sent another one.

A few weeks ago I got out my third - and only working EGO string trimmer - it worked great on day number one. I recharged it and on the second day, within minutes it was overheating (just like the first two). I now have three trimmers that don't work. 

EGO had great customer service in that they sent me two replacement trimmers. I love my trimmer when its working but each one doesn't seem to last more than one season. I took them to a repair store and was told there was a design flaw with the bearing. I have been vigilant about cleaning and storing them properly.  I am sure the latest issue is also the bearing. 

Is this a common issue? How do I get a replacement bearing?
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It isn’t a common problem. In fact it’s the first time in the three years I’ve been participating in this forum that I’ve heard of an Ego trimmer overheating. I didn’t even know it was possible for that to happen. There are members of this forum who use them commercially, all day, without problem.

What exactly are they doing that you think they’re “overheating”?
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The machine is operating normally, then the motor sound changes and 'smoke' comes out. I stop using it immediately, take the spool off and find there is no grass inside. This has been the pattern - they work fine, then behave as above. When I start it up it to test it (not cutting grass) it sounds fine and then repeats the sound change and smoking. I've had them repaired twice and now I don't have parts for a third repair.
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Interesting. You are 0 for 3 and I am 3 and 0. I have put hundreds of hours on my trimmers and no smoke.....I run them commercially. If you don't get an answer I'll take apart a trimmer head in the next day or two and inspect for potential problems of weaknesses. You say it a bearing in the motor or seal the shaft comes through off the motor? I am curious and interested in you finding a solution to your trimmer problems.

I'm this a 12" or 15" trimmer?

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You say you take them to a repair store. Where are you taking them and is that store an authorized EGO repair store? Where did they get the bearings they used to fix it?
However, I'm fully into my second year with my original 15" split shaft string trimmer and it never gets hot. Never to the point of smoking, that's for sure. 
How are you using your trimmer? Is it sitting on the ground all the time you're using it or are you holding it off of the ground while using it?
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I’m confused about the repairs and replacements, too.

You say Ego has sent you two replacement trimmers, but you also say you’ve had them repaired twice. So that’s a total of five failures in three years.

That’s next to impossible unless there’s some sort of user problem. You say you’re vigilant about cleaning them. How are you doing that? Could you be doing something that is getting too much water in the motor?

And I’m curious about this “repair store.” Are they authorized, and do they have access to the proper parts?
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Many good questions here that need answers.

I’m in my 3rd season with my original split shaft 15” trimmer and it’s been the absolute picture of reliability. Not so much as a hiccup.
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The very 1st EGO tool I bought was the 15" split shaft trimmer, and to date, it is still my FAVORITE EGO tool ever!!!!!  I have used this trimmer "week in & week out" for the last 3 years as well, without any major and/or minor issues what so ever.  So to hear that you are 0 for 3 is unfortunate as this tool is one of the MOST RELIABLE EGO tools I have in my garage.  Like others, I am curious as to which "repair shop" you took your trimmer to?
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My ball bearing on the armature froze.  Can't find a ball bearing.  Seems to be a non-standard size.  Where can I get one?OD = 1.00ID = 0.388H= 0.318
Granger does not carry....
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William, give EGO customer service a call and they'll take care of you. Best to call early in the day to avoid hold times.
They can be reached at 1-855-EGO-5656 (1-855-346-5656) from 8:30AM - 8:00PM EST (Monday - Friday) & 10:00AM - 6:00PM EST (Saturday & Sunday).

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