Deck height lever rod/pin issues

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I have a Gen 1 20" mower. This last time mowing, I had to adjust the deck from a 3 (which is high for me) to a 4, then 5. I came to find that the rod/bar from the adjustment housing was disconnected from the rear wheel. The rod was also pushed out from the designated slot in the adjustment housing, which now damaged that surrounding area. The rod has a lot of tension pushing out to the side of the mower and won't go back in place. I was able to finish mowing by reconnecting it to the rear wheel, but since the circlip is gone, it fell off often. The rod also connects to the wheel with a slant because it's not aligned straight with the housing slot.

Anyways, I tried disassembling the lever's housing (2 screws on top) but the spin freely. I looked under the mower deck and found (off memory) 4 screw holes which hold that housing onto the blade deck. It appears there are one or two more screws attached to the lever housing but they aren't in plain sight. I have been unable to locate a schematic online for disassembly. This isn't a matter that can wait months to resolve (as I've read several complaints about sending the mower in). With all the rain and sun, I need to mow again in 3 days and it's averaging 5 days in between now.

Has anyone had a similar issue? Do I need to remove the blade and blade guard/deck to reach the lever housing screws or the components themselves? Does anyone know the exact size circlip needed to secure the adjustment bar to the rear wheel?

I love this mower and it'd be a shame to lose a $400 investment to the deck not adjusting. I'm pretty handy so I'm happy as long as it's fixed and works properly (minus the chute sucking).

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If you can, measure the shaft diameter and see if a local machine supply can get you a circlip.

As far as the deck goes, be careful, opening it publicly may void your warranty. ;-)

If you think there's a chance you might not get it fixed in time, I'd call Ego and see if there's something they can do to help.
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You're still covered under the 5 year warranty. Definitely worth a call to Ego, maybe they can send you the part and instructions to repair yourself. Or you may have a local repair shop that won't have to send or put. You'll never know unless you ask!
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Taking that thing apart is a nightmare. I can't even find all the screws. The blade height notch thing has nuts underneath you won't be able to get to them without making a bent wrench.
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There are definitely a lot of screws, once you get them all off, the top gray cover lifts off, leaving behind the rolling chassis. Pic in this thread:

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Hi Ike Arch,

I got the same problem but mine got worst (see pictures below). My height adjustment was not smooth from day 1 however,  99% of the time I mow on the highest setting so it was not a big deal for me. I few weeks back while trying to change the setting between 3 and 5 the rod came out very hard hitting the side of the side of the housing (deck exterior?) and breaking a piece of plastic (I guess a plastic deck is not always good :). I noticed that the rod is currently in contact with the upper side of the plastic opening and when I moved the lever it pushes and bends the plastic, so I guess the piece that broke was already cracked due to the stress or tension of the rod pushing upwards.

 I went to the hardware store and got a retainer clip for the rod and also glued the piece of plastic back to the deck hoping for a solution that would last until the end of the mowing season.  Unfortunately the glued piece continued to fall off because it seems that the pressure on the upper side is increasing and it looks like the height of the deck is coming down, I measured the cut last week and it was a 1/8 below 3” so I finally decided to call Ego support.

By the way I have treated this mower very well and  my yard is very plain however there is a small 2” slope with a 45 angle from the driveway to the lawn (picture below), maybe passing over that slope has broken the mower?

 I understand that machines break but this is where I am getting disappointed:

On Sunday 5/28 I called Ego support and the customer rep asked me to drop the mower at the homeless depot. I got there and the service guy tells me that they would ship the mower to the middle of the country to get it repaired and the turnaround is 6 to 7 weeks. Seriously? I live in a big metropolitan area and definitely was not expecting that!!!

I went back home and called Ego again and see if they could speed things up and don’t leave me without a mower for 7 weeks and all I got was a response from a CS guy telling me “ We are in the mowing season and you just need to wait” well, Sunday afternoon was probably not the best time to call ;).

SO, now I am mower-less hoping for Ego to make things right.

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Wow, so I'm not the only one with this issue, good, and bad, to see. I couldn't get 2 screws to remove the top cover so I did what I could by bending the rod a few different times until it sat on the back wheel without tension. The deck is easy to adjust now, as it should be. The spring isn't tense and the rod is moving in the designated slot too. I bought a pretty strong E-clip (5/16" if you're wondering) to hold the rod in place. I'll post a video on YouTube of all the fun in a week or so. Thanks for all the input and responses!
Hello I have the same issue.  I called Ego for a service claim and they said take it to Home Depot for service.   Home Depot service took the lawn mower and than did nothing. They did however charge me a service fee which I thought was odd given it was under warranty.  It was really frustrating as I called and they said they were diagnosing it and would call me back.  I than called again after no contact and they again told me the tech was still working on it.   After over a week I went down to the store.   They didnt even know they still had it.   Turns out it was sitting in the store still untouched.   I took the lawn mower back and at least they refunded my service fee.    This is really really poor customer service and warranty service on the part of EGO.   I cant wait weeks for my mower to get returned during the growing season.   A company (even a young company) has to have good process and service policies.   I love the concept I really do but couple this terrible service and warranty policy and that coupled with minor issues like the mulching issue and the constant issue with the green locking handles popping open and well.......  I wont be buying any more ego products.   I really wanted to buy into the eco system with blower and trimmer etc..  but I really doubt the company behind the products.    
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I totally get your concern. When else would your mower break down other than the summer? They don't seem to get that 2+ weeks is unacceptable. I've seen several posts about it taking 3 months to fix an issue and you paying for shipping, etc., if there isn't service nearby. They should try partnering with HD, since they're sold there, and have a service rep. for a particular area that goes around fixing they issues or issuing a back-up mower while it's being repaired.
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Anyone needs a quick tutorial here you go, but first see if the front wheels "swing freely" otherwise this is not for you. You will also need an "E" clip assortment of diff sizes unless you plan on looking for one after you open the mower. Thisnis my backup mower and is out of warranty and I know it is the only issue, but opening your mower may void your warranty so yeah. Remove the 8 phillips screws from the underside of the mower that hold in the grey top half of the mower, there are more but we do not need to take them all out unless you want to waste time. 4 near the front handle and 2 along both sides of the mower. The sides ones may not be needed but incase you get lucky it will give you more access. we are NOT seperating the two halfs of the mower completely, only need small access to the front of the mower housing. Use a flat head or pry bar to pop the two halves apart near the handle. If you are facing downwards on the mower (as i stood mine on its back while i worked) you should see the adjustment bar on the right hand side, it is spring loaded so if it feels stuck it may just be tension from the spring, move it over to connect it back to the tab coming from the wheel axel. If you can do that, now you can reconnect the e clip as shown in the pics. For those of you who do not have an e clip kit, you may has a friend for help flipping the mower upside down and shake it, i got lucky my first time and the e clip was still in the housing, came right out. Once secured, close it up and check the adjustment, should be good as new. Good luck everyone!
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Thanks for the tutorial Luis