Can you use lawnmower in the rain?

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Basically, I know that it's an electric motor and that it is more likely not a good idea. But if anybody has seen the commercial, you understand my question. The end of the commercial shows a sprinkler head spraying water all over the top of the mower. This is unusual, would like some clarification. As I have seen on my particular mower, where the plastic meets different parts of other plastic there is a small seam there that is open where water could get through.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Looking through the manual:

A similar set of messages are on Page 7, mentioning avoiding both rain and damp or wet locations.

Now whether this is simply lawyer speak in order to avoid getting in trouble if someone was to hurt themselves while using the mower in the rain, or whether the mower would actually be damaged by getting it wet, ???

A revised mower manual is due out with coverage for the new battery sizes, so this information may be revised at that time but I somehow doubt it.

It is generally a bad idea to cut wet grass as it builds up under the mower deck and falls out in large clumps.  The commercial is probably just trying to illustrate how the mower is weatherproof and won't be damaged by getting left out when the sprinklers turn on.

Let's wait and see if there's an official response to this.
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Not recommend! Stand it up and you will notice the motor windings viable around the blade shaft. it's highly probable it would react poorly to water.
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They are completely coated in epoxy.  I've mowed very wet grass without issue. I've washed my mower with a hose to clean it, careful of motor vents and battery compartment.  It's much more robust than you would believe.  In my own and very own opinion, this mower is fine with moisture, but I wouldn't mow over a deep puddle or in the rain.
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I have mowed fog before. Crazy high dew point day, spots of my yard looked like a fog machine was running. Im sure my mower will be one of the first to die from hours of use. 7 hrs per week.
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I have been caught by a pop up shower a few times trying to get a mowing in during a rainy week. Once I got stuck in a complete downpour with only two passes left to finish my front yard—and believe me I wasn't going to leave my front lawn partially cut! And last week I mowed between storms with the grass soaking wet.

The motor doesn't like the resistance from grass building up under the deck, so it has to be cleaned out very frequently when attempting to mow a wet lawn. I am sure that would eventually do some damage, or at least trigger the overload protection shutoff.

As for the possibility of water getting into the electrical connections and shorting something out... I think you would just about have to submerge it and then turn it on underwater to short anything out. I often hit mine with the pressure washer before mowing and neither that nor mowing in the rain has caused any problems.

I am sure the Ego lawyers will strongly disagree, but I think mowing in the rain is fine for the mower. However the mower's operator may find it quite unpleasant!
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At the very least the motor should be fine. Brushless motors are perfectly happy to run completely submerged in water. As for the other electrical components, I couldn't say how weatherproof they are.
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The mowers are BRUSHED motors, all the other tools are BRUSHLESS.
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Minus the hedge trimmer and 12" string trimmer. ;-)
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12" is discontinued, and who the heck cares about a hedger?!# =)
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Official Response
Brandon, per the manual, the answer is unequivocally “no.” A little light mist or spring shower might not hurt, but do NOT operate your lawnmower in the  pouring rain.
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Way to take command of the Board, Amber. "Unequivocally no"
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The biggest water hazard to the system would be getting into the motor internals, which would happen if you ran into a puddle; so arguably the you could mow in a downpour, as long as your avoided the puddles; and of course avoid the puddles after the downpour has stopped.

For the 20" mower, the motor controller is completely potted, so the next two areas where water could intrude would be the three electrical switches, the one next to the safety bail, and the other two are the handle folded and extended indicators.  However, all three switches are pretty well covered with plastic body covers. 

I have mowed during a light shower, but I usually curtail the mowing because I just don't like cleaning up the wet sopping mess under the chassis.

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Hello, strange thing I started getting these email alerts. About mowing in the rain. Then I realize that I finally got an official answer two years later from my original post. Everything is well and good, so far the mower has worked well even if the grass was a little wet. Of course I have not used it in the rain and do not plan on doing that.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Are Ego Mowers Rain Proof?.

Curious to know how much protection is built in the Ego mowers design for rain protection? Especially the safety power on button on the handle, is that switch weather proof?