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Powerful Trimmer, Trimmer Line SUCKS..!!After having owned this EGo trimmer for a few months, I can finally give a review on my experience. I can only give 4 stars, like everyone else, I was having a hard time with the "Bump Feed". I would have to really bump it hard, on a hard surface to get it to feed the line. And I would need to start bump feed again, really annoying...!! While I was at Home Depot, I picked up Rhino-Tuff HD Trimmer Line: .080 in., the same size that EGO sells for this trimmer. I measured the exact length as the EGO line. I found that the Rhino-Tuff HD Trimmer Line: .080 in. is stronger than the EGO trimmer line, and does not break like the EGO trimmer line. The EGO trimmer line is weak. Perhaps Rino-Tuff HD uses a stronger plastic resin and their trimmer line does not break as easy. I paid $14.97 for 320 feet of the Rhino-Tuff HD Trimmer Line: .080 in., a better value in my opinion. But best of all when using the "Bump Feed" with the Rhino-Tuff HD Trimmer Line: .080 in., the trimmer line actually feeds out & you don't need to bump the trimmer hard to get the trimmer line to feed out. I think the problem with the EGO trimmer line is the design or pattern of the line. When the EGO trimmer line is wound-up, the "Spiral Twist" pattern on the EGO line tends to intertwine onto itself & grip, making it very hard to "Bump Feed" the line out. Unlike the Rhino-Tuff HD Trimmer Line: .080 in, the design pattern of this line has a straight tri-angular cut pattern that does not intertwine like the EGO trimmer line. Along with the straight tri-angular pattern of the Rhino-Tuff trimmer line, the pattern has sharp edges to cut the grass better. Other than the EGO trimmer line, which I think is the major cause of the problems of this trimmer, I think this EGO trimmer is great with the Rhino-Tuff trimmer line.
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Posted 5 years ago

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That's the line I've been using for years... the triangle shape makes it cut great and it has rarely ever tangled. Can't wait to try it in my new 15" Ego trimmer!
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I second that.  I really like the line.  Used it to solve my bump and grind issues  :).  Well the smooth operator bump worked well (a gentle push instead of a bump).
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Sierra, thank you so much for sharing your fix.  We're sure other members will find this incredibly useful.  We appreciate you taking the time to write in and share such a wonderful experience and workaround.
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I changed line as well to Shakespeare Ugly Twist and the bump feed works great.
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Although I do not have a trimmer from EGO, I noted that Consumers Report rated this trimmer fourth. Perhaps this issue was the reason.


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I also had the same problem with line not feeding out. I changed it to a non twisted size 80 and it fixed the problem.  I also picked up a shoulder strap for $7.48 at home depot which also works well.
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I bought the same line last summer and have been using it. It is better than the OEM line, but the bump feed still is not great. It takes quite a few really hard bumps for it to feed, As somebody mentioned elsewhere I tried a hard push rather than a bump, but that didn't work. I've rewound the line numerous times and at least once in every spool I have to take the head apart to get it to feed properly.

Otherwise the trimmer is great. I just wish Ego had lawn equipment design engineers as good as their battery engineers.
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Thanks so very much for this great suggestion.  The line bump problem has made it difficult to enjoy the many nice features of my Ego trimmer.  After purchase and use of the Rhino-Tuff HD Trimmer Line: .080 in in place of the OEM line, my problem has been completely resolved.  I have no more issues with the bump feed.  The line itself rarely breaks (when compared to OEM line) and I am able to use the trimmer for the life of my 2 mAh battery without stopping,  Ego would do well to make a clone of this 3rd party line, or at very least, recommend it to those who purchase the Ego trimmer.  One last comment for the person who replied above with the ongoing bump feed issue - it is important to follow the wind direction indicated on the spool and to make sure that the upper and lower spool lines don't cross while winding the spool.  I believe that this might help with the line bump issue.  
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Interestingly, I see that Rino-Tuff has just come out with their own twisted line. Product info mentions that it extends run time on cordless trimmers, as well as providing a straighter cut than non-twisted line.

I never considered that the shape of the line could affect run time, so I am going to have to do a run-time test with the remaining solid line that I have and then try the twisted line to see if the run time is longer.
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I believe the effect is aerodynamic, similar to the spiral wrap they put on car antennas.
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I still wonder why you continue to send out trimmers that have a known problem.   If the line is the issue, change it!   And if it's the solution, send it to the people who have bought these, because I can guarantee you that many people having the problem aren't going to go searching Google or come to these forums looking for solutions.

Customer satisfaction, it's not just for breakfast any more...
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I returned my 12-inch trimmer largely because of the bump feed issue and bought the 15-inch instead. Ego certainly isn't doing itself any favors by continuing to use the string they're using. The only thing I can think of is that they've already manufactured and packaged so many trimmers with the bad line that they don't want to go back, open them all up and swap out the string.

The good news is that it's difficult to find Ego's string as a replacement, apart from pre-wound spools. Once you use up the string that came with the trimmer you'll likely be changing to a different brand anyway.