Brief Nexus power station thoughts

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It's good, but for sure not 100% impressed.

1) Still waiting on solar, was looking like 2019 but we haven't heard anything.
2) Still disappointing that they haven't fixed the charge/discharge at the same time issue.
3) No at all impressed with the included charger.  It's super slow (known issue, but really bad design for something like this) and currently is showing my batteries as  charged when the app and fast charger shows them as needing top off.  They are at 88, 88, 81, 87%.
4) The app is poor at best and absolutely unnecessary spyware.

It's not bad, but kind of disappointing they haven't done much with the product since launch.
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Posted 3 months ago

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I wholeheartedly agree with #1.  Per this video 4 months ago ( of an interview with an Ego rep, Ego will release a solar compatible power supply and not actual solar panels. THat's fine with me, BUT RELEASE IT ALREADY!  An awesome system is missing out on this critical charge option.
2 - I don't know what this is!
3 - Agree, I've got two rapid chargers. If I am not in a time crunch I just use the Nexus. If I am, they go into the rapid charger.
4 - Agree the app is awful/borderline useless. Wish this would be improved.

Come on Ego, let's get this solar charging option going whether it's direct or allowing 3rd party compatibility!
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#2 is probably the biggest problem that everyone needs to focus on and know about....

You can't use the generator and charge at the same time or switch back and forth in-between without re-wiring things.  As soon as you plug in the charger, it turns off all the power to the ports.

For example, if you're using the generator in an "unstable" power situation, you have to remove power to the device you're powering, plug in the charger for the generator, plug the devices back into the wall.... and then if power goes out again, you have to reverse everything.  This is stupid.  The device should be intelligent enough to switch automatically between supplying power via the battery or charging the batteries if there is power.  Very much like a UPS.  Mechanically maybe there is a reason, but I see this as one of the biggest flaws of the system right now and am REALLY hoping they have a fix for that soon.

Where this gets really interesting is with solar and is critical to any real usefulness of this solution long term....  If they do not fix this, you won't be able to use the generator while charging via solar!  So think about a generator that is charging on a panel, but is useless the entire day because you can't use the solar power and the unit at the same time!  This turns the generator into basically a nighttime only feature, because you're using the daylight to charge the batteries.
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As far as the app and changes to the power station EGO is probably too busy working on the next variation of a new blower or mower lol