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After decades of using a gas mower I finally bit the bullet and went electric.  I like everything about my EGO self propelled mower EXCEPT the performance of the blade.  It is terribly ineffective in creating enough lift to cut cut the grass at an even level.  I typically have to run my mower over the grass at least two passes in a different direction to get it cut nicely.

It would be a great improvement IMHO if the EGO team designed a blade that creates more "vacuum lift" so that the grass is standing straight up when the blade hits it.

Has anyone else struggled with this problem?  If so, has anyone found a better mower blade that can be bolted to the EGO blade post?
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They have brought out a high lift blade that is abailanle in some countries. It has spaded ends that give more lift
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How do you switch out the blade?
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It is covered in the manual and only requires a 9/16 wrench or socket and two small 1/4" pins to hold the blade. You might be able to find a video on Youtube.
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I am having the same exact problem and really want this mower to work, but don't want a mower I have to make two passes to get almost all the grass cut to an even height. 
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I got my high lift blade yesterday from one of their distributors. I paid through the nose for it and they are out of them now but when you can get the HL blade (they are quoting August delivery now) I think it will be the mower you were expecting.
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Have the same problem moving from electric to this.
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It's a common problem talked about throughout the forum.  Honestly, it's an effort to balance battery life with performance, and something in-between.  I'm getting a high lift blade and I also expect a noticeable reduction in battery life.  I'm willing to sacrifice.
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Am I the only one that found the stock blade to work better than the high-lift? I'm munching with the LM2102SP maybe that's the difference? My cut with the stock blade is fine I just wanted more lift to mulch more of the leaves deep in the grass and lift the bent over grass better.

Maybe I need to give it another try on my whole mowing job - I have only experimented on smaller areas.

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HL blade was not designed for mulching but for bagging.  As the standard blade is designed for mulching it is not surprising that you get better results with it.

I think there are several factors involved - cut height, grass type, lawn density, user expectations/opinion on what is acceptable v unacceptable.

So, I think results and opinions are going to vary.
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I have the 20" mower with the stock blade and on occasion will find a blade of grass that didn't get cut on the first pass. I usually see it when passing on the next row and just tilt the mower up. turn it toward the single blade and cut the offending blade. I then resume cutting. I find this more when the grass might be damp, I find the standard blade works well with mulch or rear bag mowing. It throws the grass all the way to the back of the bag.
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I've never had a problem with the standard blade. I just keep it sharpened. But I live in the north and don't have to contend with one of the denser varieties of grass.
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Ditto. However, before I was fertilizing my lawn the highest I could cut was #3 on the 20" mower. Now that my grass is growing taller and stronger on its own I can cut at max height.

I could see this being why so many people have varying experiences... everyone's lawn is different.
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Dave .

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I've used the HL blade 2-3 times recently.  I HIGHLY recommend getting it.  It was only $22  from Amazon.  It "sucks" better than the original blade.   (I have the 21SP mower)
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Dave - bagging or mulching
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Dave .

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vacuuming efficacy for bagging.  mulching performance is not enhanced.
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Like Dave, I also HIGHLY recommend getting the high lift blade for your EGO mower. It's been a total game-changer for me. I payed $58 to get the 20" high lift blade shipped here from the UK. I purchased it on the website
I use the 20 inch high lift blade on the steel deck mower. I used to use the standard blade on the 21 inch plastic deck mower, and was having a lot of problems with grass that was bent over and matted down and was not getting cut. I was ready to give up on electric mowers or purchase a really expensive commercial electric mower.. But, I don't have that problem any more with the high lift blade on the steel deck mower. Problem solved.
Now that I've seen what a difference it makes, I probably would have payed even double what I payed for the high-lift blade. It's totally worth it, I think.