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Hello, my name is Lou Bonow. I first off I would like to say thank you for making the best battery tools in the world! I compose this on my cell phone and it is only a small little line of text that I can see, so I apologize for any typos. You could change that on the website.
I have quite a few ideas to make your brand more successful. The first thing that I would recommend is making a clear distinction/description on the Home Depot website of the difference between newer models with bigger and more powerful motors. I have to do a lot of research to make sure I'm getting the newest and highest powered product. I like buying the best product, so I can keep it longer. The less expensive products are still great, but I like buying the best available and sometimes I can't tell what that is without digging through reviews and your website.
I feel that it would be beneficial if you could have a powerhead option where you can just purchase the edger with a 2.5ah battery, because I am more interested in that right now then just the string trimmer. It would be great with the power head if you could pick a la cart, if you wanted to come with say power head with battery and the pole saw, or with the edger, or a package that has averything in one bundle. I believe that you should make a hedge trimmer attachment for the power head. I saw this question on Home Depot that was answered by an EGO representative that you may be able to have one within the next year which would be really cool.
 Another recommendation that I have is make and option to buy the string trimmer with power head with a 2.5 ah battery​. Make an option to buy only the edger with powerhead and 2.5 ah battery​. Your pricing model seems to indicate that if you buy the tool with a small battery it is more cost effective than buying just a bare tool because $50 more for an extra battery even if it is only a 2.5 is worth it in my opinion. If you could expand the power head idea and find some other tools that could work on a different platform or base like a chainsaw, Sawzall that could also be a hedge trimmer I think that that would sell like hotcakes. A sawzall would be very amazing to put in the Arsenal!!! Sawzall are the greatest tools in the world in my humble opinion. I could use them to cut down Palm tree leaves and not have to get out the hacksaw. I would love to ditch my corded Milwaukee Sawzall. A combination hedge trimmer Sawzall and Chainsaw powerhead would be even better!! I have read the reviews and many people think that purchasing a powerhead without a battery and just the shaft itself for $150 is a bit steep I'm wondering if at some point relatively soon that cost will drop down a little bit many people are giving poor reviews because they think it should not cost more than say $100.
 I also think that many people don't buy the speed charger because it's $100 dollars if it was 75 or $80 I would buy it. Thanks for making such Cool Tools. Cheers have a good day and please get some stock in at Home Depot so I can buy the power head string trimmer and edger. I also want the pull saw for t some of the small oak trees in the yard. That be at a later date when funds allow it.
Is there anyway to be a beta tester for your future products? I have done this with a couple other products and phone apps. I write excellent reviews and am very articulate and could describe any shortcomings that I find or even something as simple as having a sensitive trigger on the blowers so that you can adjust the speed by just squeezing the trigger harder or softer.
I know that you want sell your new edger but it would be also very nice if you would make an attachment for a saw blade for the string trimmer and or a metal edger attachment that you could hook into the string trimmer to use instead of just using the .9 string. You'd would allow you to do some other type of jobs, so if you wanted to do some edging and not be as perfect as an actual edger but just turn your string trimmer to the side with the blade and go to town. It would be a great addition. I believe that if you are buying the string trimmer it would be nice if you included the strap and maybe increased the overall price of the item a little $20 for a strap seems a little expensive.
 Also I feel like you should offer an option for covers for every tool so they don't get Dusty and grimy in the garage or even if you guys offered some sort of wall mounted hanging device so I could display all my pretty ego tools and have them be nice and organized. I shared your products with my neighbors and they are now buying them. It would be awesome to see and use what you guys have down the pipeline.
I'm relatively smart (lol) know my way around good battery t and gas tools. I already showed my neighbor who does Commercial Landscaping my Backpack Blower that blows just as hard as his stinky STIHL backpack blower and he was impressed. I think he might buy some EGO tools now and ditch the gasoline headache.
 It also might be a good idea to include the fast charger on items that have the 7.5 a battery because many times those people are doing commercial work or have multiple batteries and need a quick charge. I don't have an engineering degree, but no what makes a good or bad tool and feel like my input could help your​company make a better product and innovative products, especially because it is so hot and humid in Florida. It might be helpful to make sure that your batteries will run in this environment without overheating.
I feel like I'm a already a marketer for your brand because my neighbor's stop me all the time to talk about them. Or I would be happy to at least educate the clueless home Depot employees in St Petersburg Florida . I was a teacher for 9 years. A Ryobi representative questioned me without provocation about why I wanted to buy your blower instead of a Ryobi product. He was unknowledgeable and was spreading unreliable and inaccurate information about your tools using. Quoting old products and designs that you have already improved upon. He also said that you but your batteries are made by Ryobi and that you have to pay them royalties. Is that true ? I kinda thought that it was a load of garbage.  Telling someone your product is better and online reviews do not matter was a little disconcerting for me and also quite agitating.
 Lastly please get some power heads in stock and attachments at Home Depot soon! Or make it possible to be on a waiting list. I am really annoyed with my free Echo gas operated string trimmer that I feel like I'm disturbing the neighborhood every time I use it.
 I would also like to purchase one of your self propelled lawnmowers, but I was given a self-propelled Honda gas mower that is in very good shape and I am unsure if you're mowers are powerful enough to chew through the very thick St. Augustine grass we have down here in Florida. I just moved into a new house and I don't think I have the money to purchase a new mower right now, but after a few more months I plan to.
 I currently work for the best custom boat maker in Florida, but am always looking for ways to advance my career. I would like to work for the best battery tool maker in the world, so if the hiring manager would like to talk to me I would be happy to send you a files with my resume, recommendations letters, a background check etc. Also I would be willing to give a quick educational seminar to the Florida Home Depot employees, so that they will actually know what they're talking about when it comes to your products.
 Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear back from you soon.
 Thank you,
Lou Bonow
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  • confident and excited for your new products, but bummed they are not in stock

Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Lou! Thank you for providing such detailed input. We sincerely appreciate your time and feedback. Just to touch on a few things you mentioned:

-Our batteries are absolutely NOT made by Ryobi. We manufacture our own and the Arc-Lithium design makes them, at least in our opinion, the best on the market.
-We currently offer covers for our lawn mowers and snow blowers, but we will pass your suggestion for additional covers along to the team. Moreover, you should consider checking out some of the ingenious storage methods our users have shared with the community. 
-Our batteries have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so you do not need to worry about them overheating. Furthermore, their internal protection circuit will shut the battery down if the internal temperature exceeds 158 F. 
-Regarding our mower and St. Augustine grass, we suggest you review what other users have said in this forum. There's a ton of discussion and tips on this subject. 
-If you are interested in joining the EGO team in a professional capacity, this is where you'll need to start:

Thank you for spreading the EGO word and being such a dedicated customer!