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Let me start like everybody else, I love my EGO products. I bought EGO Blower 8 months ago, 15  inch trimmer and the hedger trimmer recently.  Before EGO I bought WORX 18V trimmer/hedger trimmer/blower, I also bought kobalt 40V trimmer/hedger trimmer/mower. After tried all of them, I think EGO is the best system. Too bad I can't return some of my purchase.

However there is one thing that bothers me. The warranty service.
I have one worx 18v battery dead. I just email them, They look up their system, they send me a new battery without asking me to mail the old one back and it arrived in 4 business days.  Monday I contact them, Friday I receive the battery.

Not to mention Kobalt, a 2AH battery is fried in the mower, I just brought the battery in. No question asked Lowes exchanged the battery for me. True Hassel Free warranty! I still use the Kobalt 40V mower just because their 5 year hassle free warranty. I would love to switch to EGO mower if the warranty is comparable.

Now come to EGO warranty service. My EGO blower battery is dead on 4/26. Charger shows solid red.  I contact EGO on 4/28, customer service said the replacement battery/charger will arrive in 5-7 business day. But it is not. I received an email saying it will arrive on 5/12, why it took so long?  In my years of online transactions, it is really rare to see an item arrives after the promised date.

I complain here because I hold high expectation for EGO. I truly love the product.  Compare with my battery warranty experience with WORX and Kobalt, I think EGO has room to improve.  

Again EGO is great product, I hope the warranty can be as great as the product.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I truly hope it works out ok for you.  EGO is new to the market and I think the logistics of dealing with warranties are just one thing they will have to grow with.  I do think since they are exclusive to HD, that HD should have some sort of quick way to deal with these problems.  We'll see.
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I would love to see homedepot to provide warranty service like lowes does for Kobalt. It will become so much simpler! Finger crossed.
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Since you have allot of experience with other products, I appreciate you sharing all that with this blog. The more input you have for purchase the better the result should be. Thanks

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Leigang, thanks for sharing. It's good for the customer service team to get this feedback. It will help them identify areas where improvements can be made.

In your case, it seems something may have gone wrong. Customers are usually very satisfied with Ego's warranty service, but it is spring time and their call volume has gone up significantly in the past few weeks, it may have taken them some extra time to process your request.
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Leigang, we appreciate your feedback and we're sorry that you are disappointed with the turnaround time on our warranty process.  As SCDC mentioned, we are always looking for ways to improve our process and are taking these kinds of complaints very seriously.  Please rest assured that we are working on it and are developing better processing in the future.  We really do appreciate your patience and understanding.
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I received the battery and charger. Just got chance to test them. The charger is broken. I will ship them back tomorrow.
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@Leigang - it's 5/23 now.  Did you get your replacement battery?  Has everything worked out??
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Yes I did get the replacement battery and charger. Every thing works find again.
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Did you have to send the dead battery back if yes, did you pay for shipping?
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What would solve a lot of these issues  is for Home Depot to carry the parts in store.  As long as we have to wait for things to be mailed to us, it's always going to be a pain to deal with.  We know things break but once they break, I want an immediate fix.  I don't think I should be forced to wait at least a week because the store I bought the mower from doesn't have replacement parts for it.

Ego needs to get with HD management and fix this problem.  I bought my EGO equipment for the convenience of not having to use gas, cords, etc.  If I can't count on parts being available in a timely manner, I might as well have another brand. 

Your product as only as good as the service behind it.  Everyone here is great but when the rubber hits the road, the customer needs to be serviced in a very timely manner (there are too many reports here about people having machines that are breaking within a short amount of time).  The customer needs warranty repair centers nearby or the ability to simply take the broken item to a HD and have a replacement shipped to them that day(I called Keurig on Thursday and told them my machine was broken.  I had a new one by Saturday)...even better have HD replace the item on the spot be it a mower, trimmer, hedger, blower or any missing part. 

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I totally agree. Homedepot should provide warranty service for EGO products since Homedepot has exclusive right to sell EGO product
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There has to be some give and take.  I'm sure HD is holding all the cards in this deal since they're a huge retailer.  As well all know, they have products lines that go and come all the time.  They're probably considering Ego to be that way also.  Ego needs to insist that some effort be made to service their line better. 

From what I've read here, some HD stores don't even carry the mowers at this point.

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Error, no charge --> bought a new battery. Doesn't charge either. Is the quick charger garbage? Trying to find out but the slow charger is shipped from Canada, might be here eventually. Is the fast charger always defective after a season, or is this an anomaly?
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Hi Eliot! We are sorry that we are just now responding to your post about your charger. We were closed for the Holiday weekend, but we want
you to know we are here to help you. If you could either send an email to with your contact number so that one of our EGO
specialists can get back to you; -or- give us a call back at 855-346-5656 today we can troubleshoot further with you to ensure it's
the battery that is defective and not the charger (or both).
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I hope it's not the norm.  I've owned a quick charger since I bought the mower back in September of last year if memory serves.  It has worked flawlessly. (knock on wood).  Yours definitely isn't the first complaint about it.  I believe they've had to replace some of them for members on the board here.

Contact Customer Service tomorrow.  They should be open 10am-6pm est. I'm sure they'll take care of it for you. 

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Battery or Charger?.

First some background. Mower would flash yellow light when attempting to start. After recycling button and lever a few times it would start and run. Talked to customer service, and they are replacing the unit (9 months old, but 4 of those in storage for the winter). Now, I attempted to charge the battery in anticipation of the new mower arriving Tuesday. When I place it on the charger, the first green light on the charger flashes briefly, and then all 4 green lights come on steady. This is despite the fact that the battery has been used for at least 20-30 minutes. In other words, it appears that it will not charge. I noticed that after removing the battery and unplugging the charger the green lights stay on for a minute or two, despite not being plugged in. The battery is not completely discharged, but  after 20-30 minutes use, it surely is not fully charged. I'm wondering it maybe the malfunction with the mower somehow damaged the battery, or i f the charger itself is malfunctioning.  UPDATE:  I did run the old mower for about 20 minutes with the battery, since it will run, but experiences the yellow overload light sometimes when attempting to start.  Placed the battery on the charger, and got the same condition - one green light flashes, then all 4 go solid green.  I put the battery in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, and placed it back on the charger and it is actually taking a charge.  The indicator light on the battery itself was green, and never indicated an overload/overheat condition, but now I'm wondering if the draw on the battery from the motor itself might be causing the battery to become overheated, and for some reason, the charger will not attempt to recharge it in that condition.  Any ideas?  I'm hoping the replacement mower will solve the problem.  Guess I'll know Tuesday.

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