Battery is too expensive

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Posted 3 years ago

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Which battery are you looking at? There are sometimes deals on getting different sizes. Zoro is good for larger batteries, they had a 20% off coupon yesterday. Right now you can get a free 2.0Ah battery from Home Depot with any tool kit purchase.

Generally speaking, buying an additional tool that includes a battery is often the best deal for adding a battery.
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Mike Anderson

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Isn't it sad that the battery costs 75% of the blower?  I purchased my blower at Home Depot for $199.  A replacement battery (2.5) is $149.  Really?  What's worse is it took be 3 recharges to do half of my yard.  Back to gas for me!
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Mike, Ego's batteries are expensive when bought on their own.

Having said that, the cost of the 530 cfm blower kit and an extra battery is $50 more than the cost of the 5Ah backpack blower kit and $50 less than the 7.5Ah backpack blower kit, which would be the tool of choice for larger jobs.

If you have more than one Ego tool the batteries can be shared between them. For example, if you add a 15" string trimmer to your arsenal you have an extra battery that can be used while your first one is on the charger.

Just a few options if you'd still like to go gas-free. :-)
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I  might have a couple batteries for sale at a significant savings...

Am I allowed to say that on this forum? :-)

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David Cline

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I don't think there is any issue buying/selling/trading used equipment. Just be aware that any remaining warranties are not transferable to the second owner.

And be careful to properly identify and label batteries when shipping, following all of the shipper's policies for transporting lithium ion batteries. Unfortunately all those cheap "hoverboard" batteries exploding has made shipping any kind of battery more difficult.
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I would agree that the 5Ah and 7.5Ah batteries are on the expensive side... especially the 7.5. With batteries, typically the cost for a given capacity ($/Ah) goes down significantly as the battery size increases. This is not the case with Ego.

Based on HD retail pricing, $/Ah:

2.0Ah ($129.00) = $64.50
2.5Ah ($149.00) = $59.60
4.0Ah ($199.99) = $50.00
5.0Ah ($249.99) = $50.00
7.5Ah ($379.00) = $50.53

I would have expected the $/Ah between the 4 and 5Ah batteries to be reduced by the same % as between the 2 and 2.5Ah batteries (8%), which would bring the 5Ah down to ~$231.00, or $46/Ah.

Building on that, expecting a similar drop in $/Ah from the 5 to 7.5 that we see gong from $59.60/Ah for the 2.5 to $46/Ah for the 5Ah, or an additional 15%, from $46/Ah to $40.00Ah, or $300.00. With the new price structure things would look like this at HD:

2.0Ah $129
2.5Ah $149
4.0Ah $199
5.0Ah $231
7.5Ah $300

Also keep in mind the larger battery packs don't put as much demand on their cells, requiring less costly cells that can perform at a slightly lower level (more cells per pack reduces the load per cell). The 2 and 2.5 packs use 14 cells, the 4 and 5 packs use 28 cells, and the 7.5 uses 42 cells.

Add in economies of scale and I don't see why Ego and HD could not price batteries his way and still make a tidy profit. Not only that, but the incentive to buy into the platform would be greater as well for new customers. Cheaper raw battery prices would likely increase the number of bare tools sold... bare tools and bare battery pack sales = more profit than kit sales.

Feels good to get that off my chest. :-)
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Just purchased the Ego blower and I'm quite impressed with its power. However, it doesn't outweigh the short battery life. Additional batteries are outrageously expensive. Going to return mine today.

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