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I had a quick question about the differences in the batteries and wasn't sure if anyone had some answers...

I purchased the eGo mower (it comes with the 4 amp battery) and was looking at getting the blower and trimmer (both have the option of coming with the 2 amp battery, but i was only going to get one of them with the battery).

My question is, what is the differences between the batteries, besides the obvious 4 vs 2 amp and $200 vs $100 price?... Will the 2 amp work in the lawn mower with the same power?  Will it just not last as long?  Will the 2 amp charger charge both the 4 amp and 2 amp batteries?... Will the 2 amp battery work in my 4 amp recharger?... They say all the batteries will work in all the machines, but why the 2 different batteries??  What is the difference?

So many questions...

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All the batteries work in all the current equipment.  The 2ah battery will last you roughly half the time of the 4ah battery.  The 2ah battery will work in the mower for about 20 mins and the 4ah battery will roughly double the run time you get on the tools over the 2ah battery that comes with them.

As far as the chargers, both will charge either battery.  The charger that comes with the mower will charge the 4ah battery in about 30 mins and the 2ah battery in about 20.  I don't know the numbers on the regular charger since there's really no use for it if you have the quick charger that comes with the mower.  But the charge times will be a lot longer than what I've quoted for the quick charger. 

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I have two regular chargers that came with my string trimmer and blower that have never been used as the rapid charger does a great job.
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I'd also like to add that 2ah battery is better for trimmer and blower because its weight is less than the one 4ah battery has. If you put 4ah in blower - it will be rather inconvenient.
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Official Response
Thomas, like Rob said, all batteries are compatible with all tools and all chargers.  Ego has done a great job here, and one need not worry about tool/battery/charger compatibility.

As far as power goes, when I use a 2Ah battery in my mower I can't tell a difference between it and the 4Ah battery, they both cut the same.  As Rob pointed out, the only difference will be the much shorter (roughly half) run time on the 2Ah battery.

The official run charge time for both chargers are:

CH2100 (standard) charger, 2Ah BA1120 in 40 minutes, 4Ah BA2240 in 80 minutes

CH5500 (rapid) charger, 2Ah BA1120 in 25 minutes, 4Ah BA2240 in 30 minutes

As Oleg pointed out, the added weight will be noticeable in the smaller hand-held tools, though I have used the 4Ah battery in my 15" string trimmer and found the added weight to be quite manageable while trimming my somewhat small yard.  Someone with lots of trimming may prefer to stick with the smaller pack in the trimmer.
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What type of Cells are used 2Ah Battery compared to 2.5Ah battery? Can someone explain the difference in cells used in 2.5Ahr version vs 2.0Ahr version?
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The 2000mAh cells are, I believe, a popular high-drain Sanyo design (going on bad memory here).

The 2500mAh cells are Samsung 25R, a highly regarded high-drain cell used in many power tool applications.
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I love the EGo tools. Having said that, I’ve had a horrible experience with the battery life (not run time but time until the “death signal”- a flashing green light appears.) I’ve had 4 of the batteries for three tools- blower, hedge trimmer, and weedwacker- all go bad within the warranty period. EGo has been great in replacing the batteries until the last one as they had already replaced each once (one even twice). They claim this is rare but I find it hard to believe I’ve had this much bad luck with the batteries compared to others. They are not used in a commercial setting and probably receive about an “average” amount of use. I love the tools but am gun shy at paying $150 or more for batteries with such a short shelf life. Anyone have similar experiences or ideas as to why my batteries consistently crapped out without explanation? BTW, EGo couldn’t explain it either, just kept replacing for me and saying that it wasn’t typical. Four dead batteries later I’m down to my last functioning battery for 3 devices.
Frustrated in Florida-

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I've never heard of anything like that in my almost four years of participating in this forum.

In fact, I can't help but think there's something else that's the problem, such as a bad charger that is killing the batteries. Have you discussed that as a possibility with customer service?
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My sense is it's the string trimmers. Maybe it's completely coincidental but most posts I've seen on the flashing green light seem to mention using a string trimmer. I've not experienced it, but just seems like those 2 come up together on the forum.